The roses and stopping to smell them.

My neighbor has the most gorgeous roses.  Of course, they don’t just grow on their own – wild, free, and untended.  These are those perfectly cultivated roses.  Early each morning, he tends to the plants, a spray bottle of rose magic in one hand and clippers in the other.  The bright colors pop against the dark green leaves.  You can tell that he adores his roses and that they love him right back.  Time and energy and care yield beautiful things, don’t they?  Sure, there are thorns, but goodness, doesn’t the beauty compensate for the risk of a prick?

Such is life.


As for me, I don’t have a green thumb (as I’m sure you can tell by the photos in this post – our poor rose bush has only a handful of yellow blooms on it).  I have this one plant that sits on a window sill in the house.  It has lovely bright pink flowers and light green leaves.  Oh my, that plant is resilient.  Every 10 days or so, the leaves begin to droop dramatically.  When I notice, I carelessly dump a cup or two of water into the pot.  Within hours, the plant looks rejuvenated and healthy once again, its lanky trunks plump with water.

Once again, such is life.


We run ourselves ragged and just when we’re drooping dramatically, we try to make a quick recovery with a bit of water or sleep or prayer.  And then we’re up and running – full speed ahead.



Let’s take some time this weekend to rejuvenate, shall we?

What are your weekend plans?  How do you recharge?  Are you good at self-care or do you let yourself get run down a bit more often than you should?



11 thoughts on “The roses and stopping to smell them.

  1. What is this word “rejuvenate”? I don’t know it!! ;) I am trying to take some time for myself this weekend but as I start planning for the weekend, I realize the ME time is quickly getting taken over by actual things I need to do. Argh. We shall see!

    What are you doing to recharge this weekend??

  2. your outfit is perfect – such fun pops of pattern and color. and i’m with ya on the needing plants to be resilient if they’re to survive very long in my company <3 hope you had a wonderful weekend – excited to hear about it!

  3. Such a lovely post. I definitely needed to read it, too! I did lots of relaxing (non-productive) things this weekend and was feeling a little bit guilty about it (aka not cleaning the bathroom or doing laundry.. or anything, really haha). Thanks! Also, I love those pants!

  4. I need to know what kind of plant you have on your window sill! I’m notorious about forgetting to water plants until they start drooping and sometimes they can’t recover at that point. So obviously I need a low maintenance flower plant like yours! ;)

    I’m actually pretty bad about letting myself run dry which is why this past weekend at the beach was so so so good and relaxing and rejuvenating for me! :)

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