I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

It began, as weekends usually do, on Friday night. Kevin and I enjoyed a lovely dinner at home, and then I trekked across town to attend a dance performance. A work friend is in a dance company, and it was the night of their annual show. A group of us met up to support her and watch some very talented performers. They did a fantastic job and it was a very enjoyable evening.

I woke up early the following morning to drive a couple hours to a lake – the site of Tiffany’s bachelorette party. Getting into the bachelorette spirit, I carried a 24 pack into the house when I arrived.

A 24 pack of water, that is.

To quote the guest of honor, “This is how you know that the bachelorette is 30, not 21.”

We loaded up in the truck and Tiffany’s uncle pulled the pontoon boat down to the lake. It was a gorgeous summer day – blue sky, light breeze, absolutely perfect.



Some of Tiff’s family friends own a houseboat on the lake so we anchored there and those who wanted to get in the water jumped right in. But first, in typical bachelorette party style, I dropped my swim suit top.

Actually, the plastic hook on the back of the suit busted and I just barely managed to catch it before flashing anyone. ‘Lisa! Lisa’ I squeaked out my sister’s name and backed up to her. With peals of laughter from us all, Lisa and Tiff managed to tie my bandeau top in the back and the whole incident was only mildly awkward.

More party attendees arrived through the day and people tubed, skied, dove, chatted, ate, drank, and sunbathed.




I don’t care for being in the water if I know my feet can’t touch the ground, so I stayed on the boat. I earned a light sunburn on my legs and back, but had such a good time. We wrapped things up as the storm clouds moved in, and by the time we got to the dock, the wind was blowing horizontal rain and there was a colorful lightening and thunder storm a-happenin’. Our own little desert hurricane.

Tiff has the coolest aunts and uncles and they had prepared a feast for us. Brisket, ribs, queso, pasta salad, chips, avocado… There was also a margarita machine – big fun. We ate and talked and laughed.

By this time the storm had blown through, so we went over to the houseboat family friends’ gorgeous lake house. We admired the sunset and had a little lingerie party for the bride-to-be on the back deck.



We stayed up late chatting and solving the world’s problems (maybe Russia and Ukraine just need a good bachelorette party?).

The following morning, Tiffany, Traci, and I woke up around 5:30 and went for a run. It felt great to move after all the lounging and eating I’d done the day before.

Tiff and her betrothed took some engagement photos. We cleaned up the house and went to the aunt and uncle’s house for the most delicious breakfast casserole. That concluded the party and we all went our separate ways.

I made it home in time for BBQ and Rio Lobo with Kevin. We’ve been on a John Wayne kick recently and that’s one of my favs.

A weekend filled with sweet people, delicious food, and a lot of laughs. A sweekend indeed.

How was your weekend? Are you a lake person?



8 thoughts on “Sweekend.

  1. This all sounds like SO much fun! (Well, minus the losing your top… but it DID make for some great blogging material. ;) So way to take one for the team. Hee, hee. That’s definitely something that would happen to me, for sure)! I LOVE swimming in lakes, as long as they’re clean; and I especially love going out on boats. It sounds like SUCH a lovely weekend, right down to the watching John Wayne!! :)

  2. Oh man, SO FUN!!! I am living vicariously through you right now since we skipped the lake this summer. BUMMER! (My Dad lives on a lake and has two boats and two jetskis). That house in the photo is gorgeous. Dang. What a memorable weekend! Perfect bachelorette weekend, right? Tiff was happy?

  3. That sounds like it was so much fun! I love how laid back but fill of fun activities it was! The food sounds delicious :) That sunset is gorgeous. And I’m with you on not being in the water when your feet can’t touch!!

  4. Thank you so much for being the best MOH in the world and planning the perfect bachelorette party. I had an absolute blast and could not have imagined anything better! Well, maybe except for the whole pants fit during the pictures. :) You rock.

  5. am i a lake person!? ha! the lake just might be my favorite place of all time, ever. and being at the lake with best friends to celebrate an engagement? just about perfect. oooh, and if you throw boating and ribs into the mix — i just might never leave. a very sweekend indeed <3

  6. What an awesome bachelorette party! That is definitely my kind of celebration–water to drink and water to swim in, haha. I love the last picture. That is gorgeous! I also think Russia and Ukraine need a good bachelorette party :)

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