A winner, winner chicken dinner kind of chicken dinner.

Last week The Londoner posted her Mum’s Lemon & Garlic Chicken recipe.  And let me tell ya…it is a winner of a dish.  Kevin and I threw it together on Sunday and we’ll be making it again pronto, because it’s that good.  And easy!  So easy.

Here’s The Londoner’s original post.

And here are some photos and commentary of the re-creation at our casa….

Place chicken thighs (skin side up) in a baking dish.  Surround them on each side with lemon wedges and garlic cloves (no need to peel the garlic cloves).  Sprinkle a generous amount of salt and pepper on the chicken.  And add some dried oregano for good measure.  Then pour a glop of olive oil across it all.


Bake at 350 F for around an hour.  We turned on the broiler for two minutes at the end to give the skins a nice crisp.


We served it up with a little couscous on the side.  The boxed variety.  Nothing fancy.

We also made the salad that she posts about, and it was delish.  I love me some avocado’s in a salad.  And homemade, from-scratch dressing.  I’ll make my own over the store-bought, bottled kind any day.  A little vinegar, a little olive oil, dash of salt, couple dashes of pepper, a splash of honey or lemon juice or a good mustard if you’re feelin’ fancy.

Kevin made the dressing.  We didn’t have white wine vinegar so we subbed balsamic vinegar and it was still very tasty.



The key to a good salad is in the mixing.  You want a nice ratio of dressing to produce.  Well and evenly coated.  Then every bite is a delight.

It was a feast and we chowed down in the company of our Captain Phillips Netflix disc.

From the beginning of our relationship, Kevin and I have really enjoyed cooking together.  We don’t prepare 7 course meals or anything too fancy.  We have some favorite, easy dishes that are in regular rotation.  But there is something very special about unwinding at the end of the day, in the kitchen, together, with the scents and sounds of dinner filling the air.  Sometimes we’re too tired or burnt out from our day to talk of anything too substantial.  But we’re together.  And that makes it a winner of a dinner in itself.

Do you have a favorite, easy, weeknight recipe to share?  Do you enjoy cooking with your significant other or a friend, or do you prefer to fly solo in the kitchen? 


16 thoughts on “A winner, winner chicken dinner kind of chicken dinner.

  1. Christopher and I definitely cook together. Though, not as often as we did the first couple of years of our marriage. Back then he got off work at 4pm so he would come home and we had plenty of leasuirely time to make dinner together. In the past couple of years, though, he’s switched jobs and now gets off at 5pm and nearly every night of the week we have somewhere to be so we are either scrambling to get out the door to make it to dinner at someone’s house or we are eating a quick dinner at home before heading out the door (which means dinner needs to be done by the time he gets home from work). Thankfully I get off between 3-4pm so it’s easy for me to get home and cook something up so we can hit the ground running when he gets home. However, on the weekends, we still cook together. And I love it. I definitely miss some aspects of the slower pace of life when we were first married, but I also love all the things that keep us busy now. :)

    Also, this chicken looks divine. And so simple. I am pinning this recipe to remind myself to make it! :)

  2. It’s like shrimp scampi, only with chicken! Good job, guys!

    I am the head chef in my family. I force John to help so that he can learn and doesn’t think he can get away with not cooking because he “doesn’t know how.” I’m hip to those tricks men play! (But not Kevin because he’s 99% perfect). J-slice helps because he’s interested and also because I force him to (haha… sensing a theme?) because he’ll have to feed himself and his family some day!

    We have LOTS of favorites based on how much time we have, how healthy we want to be, how much we want to spend on ingredients, who all is eating, etc. Craziness.

  3. Hmmm, that sounds really yummy (and perfect for a preggo woman who can finally eat chicken… and who wants to make healthy food without slaving in the kitchen. Ha, ha). I will definitely be trying this!!!!

  4. Ha, I LOVE the title of your post! And your measuring units are right up my ally: “a glop” of olive oil is what I like to use as well. I also appreciate not having to peel the garlic gloves – simple and delicious for the win!

  5. this looks like 9 kinds of delicious. i always love when bloggers review a post someone put up – i’ve had too many negative experiences making the dishes the first go-round, that it gives me all kinds of confidence to try it out :)

    • Oh, and ALSO, I just discovered your comments on some of my posts…blogger is a jerk and doesn’t always tell me about my comments. You are the best commenter ever…totally made my day!!

    • Okay, I just typed a really long comment, but I don’t think it posted. Sorry if you get 2 though. BASICALLY, I just said that I only now noticed some of your comments on my blog, and you’re the best commenter ever and totally made my day! Have a great weekend!! :-)

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