It was a sweekend of simple things.  And the weekend was so sweet, convincing me that the sum of simple things is immeasurably great.  Don’t you agree?

The company I work for has several locations around the state and one in a nearby city moved to a new office last week.  I went up on Friday to provide some brawn and help with the move.  I arrived home late that evening, tuckered out.  Kevin ordered a pizza in and we watched episode after episode of The Big Bang Theory.  And he rubbed my poor tired feet.  I married a gem.

Saturday morning simple included a trip to the farmer’s market where we snagged some fresh basil, squash, and garlic.  Then we stopped by the library so I could pick up three books that had been placed on hold.


We then embarked on a very special outing.  We had decided to have Flo cremated and she was ready to be brought home.  Naturally, there were a few tears and shared “remember when…” memories.  We read and watched some John Wayne on AMC.  Then we went to the mall and Target – always a fun, if expensive, experience.

Dinner that night was so unbelievably delicious.  It’s the dinner that I want to eat every day.  At least once a day.  Maybe twice.  Kevin was in the Seattle area a few weeks ago and he picked up a pound of basil fettuccine at Pike’s Place Market.  We combined that with some of his besto pesto, made with the basil and garlic we’d scored at the farmers market that morning.  So. so. so. delicious.  There was a lot of silence and contented sighs as we ate.



Our sweet little Kiki cat wasn’t interested in pasta but did keep us company.  Kiki and Flo lived together for 11 years, so we have been keeping a close eye on Kiki – she’s a genius cat, but even she can’t say, “Hey, humans, I’m feeling sad and lonely without my pal here.”  She has been eating well and drinking, so we think that physically, she’s doing okay.  She has been spending more time with us (she’s very independent and has a fair amount of Kiki-time), which we love.  She is most definitely a comfort to us.



After dinner we watched American Hustle – a Netflix disc that we’d (embarrassingly) had in our possession since May.  It was pretty enjoyable.  The sound was terrible though – lots of whispering and mumbling that had us hitting the + on the volume…just to have the music (great soundtrack) BLARING out unexpectedly.  Kids these days and their lack of enunciation and their loud music….  As Ross says, “There is nothing WRONG with speak-ing correctly.”

Sunday brought breakfast with my great aunts and uncles (the breakfast crew).  And a trip to Whole Foods for provisions.  Then we read and relaxed a bit on the back patio before braving the rain to make a trip to the gym.  I huffed and puffed my way through 2 miles on the treadmill.  We were home in time for more relaxation to the sounds of a lovely rainstorm.  The traditional Sunday night dinner was taken at one of my favorite restaurants with Kevin’s parents.

Such a sweet weekend, filled with simple things and time with my favorite guy.

Have you seen American Hustle?  What simple, wonderful things did your weekend include?


11 thoughts on “Sweekend.

  1. This sounds absolutely lovely. And please inform Kevin that the next time he picks up yummy artisan pasta, get double and send some to your friend in Texas!

  2. I haven’t seen American Hustle, but I’ve heard differing reports. Seems like you either love it or hate it. That dinner looks good, though. YUM.

  3. I just decided that my life needs a lot more pesto in it. I went through a phase a few months ago, and now I think I am ready for round two. That stuff is soooo good (I love it in scrambled eggs!). We went to the farmers market this past weekend, too! We pretty much got our entire grocery list there. Ground venison, the thickest-cut bacon you have ever seen, a whole chicken, and tons of fresh produce. It was wonderful. We also did all of our laundry. That’s right. All of it. We are on top of the world. I loved your weekend recap!

  4. Hey, I’m sorry about the loss of your cat. I have two also, I am sure this must be a difficult time for you and your family. I’m glad you had a nice weekend!

  5. Oh my goodness! I’ve read (and really enjoyed) two of the three books in your stack! Anything Sophie Kinsella is entertaining, and MWF seeking BFF is great–I probably need to reread it since I’m about to move to a new place and embark on the journey of making new friends. I can’t see what’s at the bottom of the stack. Let me know how you like them!

  6. I hope you had such a lovely weekend! Love that other kitty lots for me! I’ve never seen American Hustle, but my brother is absolutely enthralled by it. I hope your week is wonderful xx

  7. your gratitude for the simple joys always makes me smile. but really, what more do we need than wonderful books (mwf seeks bff was a favorite of mine), loving husbands, and lots of pesto??

  8. Hey! We had a pizza and Big-Bang-Theory-marathon evening last weekend too! It was SUCH a good, laid back night! :)

    And I’m all about that pesto. So yummy!

    I’m glad Kiki seems okay (at least physically) right now. Her face in those shots is priceless. :) So glad she is a little extra cuddly right now. *hugs*

  9. Any post with a Friends reference AND the mention of The Big Bang Theory is a great post! Have that with a guy that rubs your feet and cooks, and you have pure gold. What a (bitter-) sweet weekend!
    How nice that you and your cat can comfort each other. I hope the loss of your feline friend is a bit easier to bear with every passing day.
    Big hug!

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