Current obsessions.

Thank you for the kind comments, texts, phone calls, thoughts, prayers, and LOVE that you have offered Kevin and me since our sweet white cat passed away.  We have felt so supported and cared for as we grieve.  Thank you. 


Current obsessions – face edition.  I am recognizing the importance of buying quality face products as I age.  After all, skin is both an organ and an envelope.  It needs to be around for as long as I am, so I want to treat it nicely and take good care of it.  These are some of my current obsessions for face care.  My starting five – dream team, if you will.

(All opinions are my own and this post was not sponsored by anyone.  If any of the companies below want to send me free products, well, I wouldn’t say no.)


This primer.  It feels like silk.  And it has an illuminating part to it that makes me feel like I can just wear it on days that I don’t want to deal with full makeup but DO want little light coverage.

This illuminator.  This stuff is awesome.  It really brightens up my eyes and highlights just the right amount.  Today I’m even wearing it all over my face (foundation-like) and it makes my skin look dewy.  It’s light too – perfect for summer.

This face lotion for day.  30 spf for a little protection against those UVA’s and UVB’s and it goes on really lightly.

This oil for night.  I live in a very dry climate.  My face would feel tight and uncomfortable within seconds of drying it off after a wash.  This oil has worked wonders.  My skin feels healthier and so well hydrated.  My makeup goes on more smoothly too.

This moisturizer for night.  I just began using this one and I love it.  It’s smooth and light and smells like roses.  Win-win-win.

No matter how nice it is to use a pretty scented moisturizer or a silky primer, at the end of the day it’s the beauty inside that matters most.  I hope that’s what people see when they look at themselves – pure beauty from the inside out….  That kind of beauty is not fleeting and it doesn’t need any lotions, primers, or products.  Kindness is free, and it has the ability to make a lasting, positive impact on the world.

This is a nice reminder of that sentiment:

What are a few of your current obsessions – beauty related or otherwise? 


8 thoughts on “Current obsessions.

  1. Hmm. I only wear mascara and an SPF face lotion. I’m a weirdo. I wouldn’t even wear mascara if I could get away with it (my eyelashes are blonde so you can’t even see them). BUT I’ve been looking for a new SPF face lotion that isn’t a bazillion dollars. Yours is a little pricey but if you like it, perhaps I shall try it. What’s it smell like?

  2. I’ve heard so much good stuff about NARS! Lately I’ve been wearing no makeup because it’s summer. Maybe I’m just lazy, but I’m using summer as my excuse! I’ve just been putting on a little moisturizer and that’s it! I’ll have to look back at your recommendations once school starts, and I get my act together xx

  3. I adore that music video, it’s so fantastic!! I don’t use much facial product, I use a lotion at night to combat my dry skin, but that’s about it!

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