Little cat, big personality.

We’ve known all along that the smallest being in our household possessed the biggest personality – real cattitude, in fact.  Rarely would we walk into the house without a greeting at the door by this little gal.

Flo closeup

She would stake out a comfy nook on the bed with us each night and voice her displeasure sternly if disturbed.  If a cabinet door was open, she would be set to explore the interior.  If there was ledge or a window sill to jump on, she’d feel called to jump on it.


She was a cuddler – on her terms, of course.  If there was a lap to sit on, she’d declare, “Well, don’t mind if I do,” and curl up to nap or bathe.

Misc Pictures 012

She looked forward to her wet food each day – starting to chow down at her bowl enthusiastically, then moving over to Kiki’s bowl to finish what Kiki had abandoned, and finally making her way back to her original bowl to finish off what she’d started.  She was all girl – from her pink collar to her love of Gossip Girl and Fashion Police.

Misc Pictures 019

She had a little black spot on her nose and a few black marks on the bottom of her paws.  Pure white, except for a bit of grey on the top of her head.  She’d bathe for hours each day – a white coat doesn’t clean itself, you know.  She loved gazing out the window, and her mischievous self even made it outside a couple of times, much to her humans’ dismay.  She loved suitcases and boxes.



For over three years, we have known about her heart condition.  She has been on medication since the beginning and she would eat her pill pocket treats each day like a champ. (We did ruin salmon flavored pill pockets for her though, when we gave her a cherry flavored children’s Benadryl following an allergic reaction.  Apparently salmon and cherry Benadryl are not a nice pairing and she would look at us with disdain if we tried to give her a salmon pill pocket!)  She was the queen of photo bombs and home repair projects – always there to offer a helping paw.


For nearly 12 years, she was a faithful sidekick to Kevin – or, more likely, it was the other way around and he was her sidekick – and cat-roomie to Kiki.  I came along four years ago.  She seemed happy to have double the lap options, and I was happy to fall in love with her.  On Thursday, July 17, 2014, in the early morning, our beloved Flo passed away.  It was probably a blood clot, and we hope, pray, and tell ourselves that it was fast and painless.  We are relieved that she was her healthy, mischievous self to the very end – it would have been horrid to watch her decline and lose her Flo-spirit.  But still…she has left a void in our big house.  Her body mass may not have taken much square footage, but her personality filled the place to the rafters.


Misc Pictures 093

We are very grateful for the love and companionship that she offered and…gosh, we miss her.



19 thoughts on “Little cat, big personality.

  1. There is no loss like that of a beloved pet. The void they leave is bigger than they know. You and Kevin gave her a wonderful life. She’s waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge and will meet you there with her bigger-than-life voice, hop in your lap, and love you just like she did on this earth. I’m so sorry for your loss. This blog is a beautiful way to honor her. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. I’m gonna bawl. uggggh. It is SO DIFFICULT to lose a pet. I bet Kiki is confused! My heart goes out to you and Kevin. I’m sending massively squeezy hugs <3

  3. I am soooo sorry! I want to cry my eyes out right now. I know what it’s like to lose a pet and how they leave a void behind. Sending lots of hugs, my friend!

  4. ” She was a cuddler – on her terms, of course. If there was a lap to sit on, she’d declare, “Well, don’t mind if I do,” and curl up to nap or bathe. ” someone needs to give you a book deal — you write with such depth and intrigue on a topic that is tragic and emotional. i’m sorry about your sweet cat, and i’ll say a pray for you all tonight since i can’t be there to give you a hug <3

  5. What a beautiful, moving tribute to your feline daughter! Animals give us so much love, it’s heartbreaking when they leave us. I think she would approve of your wonderful tribute to her.

  6. My cat that I’ve had since 2nd grade had to be put down on Saturday, so I think I can say we’re in the exact same boat. I’m sending lots of love and happy thoughts your way. Pets leave an empty spot in your heart that only they can feel. This was such a beautiful post, and in an odd sort of way, it helped ME with my grieving process. She is in kitty heaven with my cat eating lots of cat nip and climbing big trees xx

  7. Oh my. I am so, so sorry about Flo. Losing a pet is the hardest thing. This post is so nice. I really love the second picture.. what an awesome personality she had!

  8. Oh Amy, this post made me cry. I can only imagine the emptiness your nest now feels. Flo sounded like a wonderful cat, I am so happy she was able to live all these happy years with you two. <3

  9. My condolences to you and Kevin. She certainly was a beautiful girl. I hope you can feel comforted when I say that you and Kevin gave her a lot of love and wonderful care and I’m sure it meant the world to her.

  10. hey Amy! It´s me Ellie (used to blog over at the norwegian girl, don´t know if you remember me, because I´ve been a lousy blogger) anyhow. I´m so so so sorry for you loss! Losing a beloved pet is devastating! I really feel for you. At least you have all these amazing memories and pictures of her, and knowing that she lived a long and happy life with you and Keving, giving you guys so many amazing moments with her sassy personality will hopefully be a comfort :-)

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