Road trip by the numbers.

Destination:  Lubbock, TX

The why:  To provide moral support, opinions, gleeful exclamations, and squeals of excitement while Tiffany tried on wedding dresses. 

Miles driven:  638

Hours in car:  10

Speed limit zones:  10

Stops for fuel:  2

Fuel prices at aforementioned fuel stops:  $3.55 and $3.59 per gallon

Strong smells that tickled the nostrils:  2
(oil and feedlots/dairies – people in each industry would say that it “smells like money”)

Number of times I sighed and thought, “Good job, God,” about the scenery:  I lost count.



Songs:  approximately 150
(assuming an average length of four minutes per song)

Sobriety checkpoints:  0.5
(One was closing up shop as I approached, so while they waved me right through and I didn’t have to stop, I count it as half a checkpoint.)

Number of times I felt lost in Lubbock:  5
(They love their loops in Lubbock, and I kept looping.)

People in the dress shopping entourage:  6
(Plus the bride!)


The dress shopping crew + Tiff’s dad, who had no interest in dresses but did have an interest in LUNCH.

Dresses Tiff tried on:  approximately 15

Bridal shops visited:  2

Dresses seriously considered:  4

Narrowed down to:  3

Then finally: 2

Dresses purchased:  1

Which one?  Your guess is as good as mine!  She loved these two and bought one of them – but isn’t telling anyone which one she chose.


Which gets your vote?


16 thoughts on “Road trip by the numbers.

  1. She looks gorgeous in both but I’m partial to the one on the right. Can’t. Wait to see her walk down the aisle in either one!

  2. Both dresses are showing off some skin in the back! Hey girl!

    Was this recent? I am confused by the pants in the group photo. I would die instantly in Texas heat in pants. I might not be exaggerating!

  3. Tiffany looks pretty in both dresses! My favorite was the dress on the left. The design is elegant and flattering on her! Either way she will look beautiful and radiant!

  4. aww, this post made me smile in a *big* way. i love everything about weddings and road trips, but emily (whom i posted about the other day) is from lubbock, and i’m pretty sure she’s getting engaged soon, and i could be writing a very similar post this year :) i vote dress on the left!!

  5. Oh wow, what beautiful dresses! I am loving the one on the right! I love how you recapped your trip in number format. LOL to the bride’s dad wanting LUNCH and not caring about dresses. Too funny!

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