It was a celebration kind of sweekend, appropriate for America’s birthday.  It has been hot and humid (relatively, of course) with lovely afternoon rain showers coming through to cool things down.  Not a bad setting….


On Friday morning, Kevin and I road tripped two hours south to a little place in the middle of wide open spaces.  My family reunion was happenin’ in those parts and we had a great time.  Chatting with people, watching the kids bust open a piñata, and eating.  The theme was Mexican food for Friday and it was quite the buffet, including a toure de enchilada casserole with around six to choose from.  Not one to discriminate, I tried each and every option.  We sat on benches at the long cafeteria style tables, watching and listening to the rain on the tin roof of the open-sided cover.  A lovely way to spend the 4th.  My patriotic scarf kept me warm in the fresh, cool summer rains.




We left the campers to their RV’s and tents and cabins and headed home late that afternoon.


On Saturday morning my car and I made a trip to the car spa for an oil change and a car wash.  She felt so pampered.

We ran errands and prepared for a BBQ that we were hosting that night.  My husband, the Grillmaster, whipped up some excellent burgers and hot dogs, and we had some tasty sides to go along.  Around a dozen friends stopped by and it was the perfect size group to sit outside on the covered patio and eat and talk and listen to the rain.



On Sunday morning, I met up with the lovely Leann for a trip to the farmer’s market and brunch on a cozy patio.


We stopped by a bookstore to peruse and managed to get our hands on a couple of Advanced Reader Copies to review.  Pressure!  The afternoon was spent relaxing at home with the Kevster.  We read, taking a short break to nap and then run to Starbucks.  He’s reading the second book in the Harry Potter series and I’m reading it over his shoulder.  He We finished it last night.  We had dinner with Kevin’s dad at our house and then his dad had to go to the airport to pick up Kevin’s mom.

It was a very sweet weekend!  Rain!  Good food!  Great company!  And Harry Potter.  Sweekend indeed.

How was your weekend?  Did you enjoy any firework shows? 


10 thoughts on “Sweekend.

  1. Yay for more desert photos! It looks so beautiful there! My husband’s aunt is moving to Sedona, Arizona, and we want to visit her SO BAD! And I love that you guys had Mexican food to celebrate the 4th of July–haha! :-D

  2. I simply adore the first photo, you look so cute and I love a good desert shot!
    Harry Potter makes every weekend better, how does your husband like it?

  3. Does it make me totally un-American if I say I was asleep before any fireworks went off?? They’ve just never really been my thing, and I had to work at 4am!! OOPS! :)

  4. oh gosh, i want to jump into these pictures and hang out with you. i’d probably get jealous of your side pony and american flag wrap, but maybe i could copycat and sport my own? hehe, i don’t remember the last time i saw pinata, but now i’m thinking it should become part of my near future.

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