Recently on Instagram.

June!  It has passed.  We are halfway through 2014, which shocks me.  Where-oh-where has the year gone?

My Insta-shots of June were centered around the prompts of the #fmsphotoaday world.


Prompt: Joy
Tulips bring me a tremendous amount of joy.

imagePrompt: Family
Morning cuddles.

imagePrompt: Ordinary
Every morning we have wet food.


Prompt: Flying
Mary Poppins style:  have umbrella, will travel.

imagePrompt: Cross
Meet Ping – a cross-eyed Casanova.

imagePrompt: Lovely
Butterfly + Flower = Lovely x 2

imagePrompt: In The Shadows
Someone’s watching.  Creepy-cute, yes?

imagePrompt: Peaceful
Blue sky. White fence. Green grass. Grazing horses. A peaceful setting.

imagePrompt: Quirky
He’s cute {and a tad quirky}.

imagePrompt: Habit
Jogging shoes laced up to fulfill their destiny –
the hardest habit to start and the easiest to break.

imagePrompt: Yay!
This view, an open bar, and my favorite guy.  Friday night is lookin’ good.

imagePrompt: Here I Am
With my man and my book.

imagePrompt: In This Moment
Order up!

imagePrompt: What June Looks Like
Watermelon smiles.

imagePrompt: Loving
Umm, all of the above?

imagePrompt:  Bed
Kiki loves to help when the sheets get changed.
She rolls around and plays under the top sheet.  Big fun.

imagePrompt: Delight
-ful morning yoga and brunch with a delightful friend.


No prompt – just milk with coffee ice cubes and Palm Springs Weekend on TCM.
The perfect pick-me-up on a Sunday afternoon.

What did you photograph in June 2014? 


8 thoughts on “Recently on Instagram.

  1. I love ALL of these photos… But I am especially in love with your umbrella flying pic. :) That belongs on Pinterest or a greeting card with a motivational quote on it!! :)

  2. I follow you on Instagram (as you know) but it’s so fun to see this roundup of photos all at once and bigger. Plus to tell you for the millionth time that you and Kevin are downright adorable. Gah. <333

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