The many, many places to rest a chin.

Consider this a white cat’s guide to finding comfortable spots to rest a white cat chin.

Never underestimate the power of humans.  They can provide comfortable nooks and shelves to rest your chin upon.  But be warned:  humans are fickle, unpredictable creatures.   Just as an unsuspecting feline settles into a nice spot, they’ll leap up and displace said feline, making excuses such as, “I have to go back to work,” or “I need to shower.”  Complete lack of commitment and consideration.







Hands and wrists are optimal.  But legs will do in a pinch.



If you find a perfectly positioned book or stack of magazines/newspapers, use that opportunity to catch up on a little light reading while simultaneously resting.


And last but not least, always be prepared to use unusual resources to your advantage.





Do your pets rest in unusual spots or positions? 


11 thoughts on “The many, many places to rest a chin.

  1. My dog loves to rest her head in the little dip between my heel and my ankle on my foot. Isn’t it amazing when they do that, that you find yourself unable to move? :)

  2. What a fun blog! It reminds Juliette who loved to rest her head on the remote or laptop. Also, when she would cuddle in bed, she rested her head on my arm. It was fun to see all the creative places Flo finds.

  3. I love this post! Your cat is – well, pretty cool for a cat. (I am a 1000% dog person, #sorrynotsorry).
    No seriously, the last one where she is resting her head on that box? Too precious.
    You two are very well trained by her ;-)

  4. oh gosh, this made me giggle :) we spend a lot of time wondering what’s going through kinzie’s mind. her favorite resting spot, without doubt, is snuggled up on the chest, with her head in my neck :)

  5. I just love everything about this post. I laughed out loud at the last picture!!! My cats rest their heads in the oddest places too. We have a wooden candle on our banister and my cat lays there all the time with his head on the wooden candle. It can’t be comfortable. Hahahaha.

  6. oh my gosh, that is the sweetest!!!! your kitty is a chin tester!! how precious! i love all of these captures! my kitty is a cuddler, too, but she feels like she has to be as close to you face as possible. like, on your face. and she loves kneading with her fastest growing claws ever! her love isn’t nearly as gentle as a dainty chin rest!

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