A random post of recents.

First and foremost, my college roomie, best friend, and pretty much the coolest girl I know is ENGAGED.  Her guy proposed last Sunday and I am tooooooo excited to even put into words how excited I am.  Tiff is the kind of person that everyone wants for a friend, so we all think that her fiancé is a mighty lucky fella to snag such a great gal.  They are an adorable couple and there’s gonna be a wedding, folks!!


Americans are sleeping more and working less according to some survey that was featured in the Wall Street Journal.  Kevin reads the WSJ daily; I just pick out the interesting articles, like the ones that talk about how much television Americans watched in 2013 versus 2003 (clue: more).  And the articles about 3D printers becoming mainstream.  Which reminded me of the Big Bang Theory episode when Howard and Raj buy a 3D printer to make action figures of themselves.  I’ve seen that episode about five times (why do they air the same ones over and over?).  Which proves that I’m a typical American who watches a lot of television.

In other news, I had a frightening experience last week when I nearly choked myself to death.  I was making my way through my everyday vitamin routine when suddenly things turned completely not everyday.  I popped a couple of pills, took a drink of water to wash them down, and the water went down wrong.  All of a sudden, I was sputtering and coughing, and in that chaos, the pills must have moved upward and were lodged in my throat.  I couldn’t breathe.  All I could do was gasp and feel my chest closing up as I made a horrid, asthmatic wheezing sound.  I looked at myself in the mirror – eyes bugged out, face beet red – and thought, “I am going to die.”  And then I thought about how ‘choked on probiotics’ is an utterly ridiculous cause of death.  The cats were freaked out- Kiki sprinted down the stairs in a panic and Flo jumped up on the counter, meowing loudly, twitching her tail, and rubbing against me.  I managed to force myself to stay calm, breathe through the nose, and take a sip of water, very slowly.  The pills dislodged themselves from my esophagus (or whatever the correct anatomy term would be) as I continued to sip water and my breathing gradually became less ragged.  Kevin, who had been in a different part of the house, walked into the room.  He had heard Kiki rushing around like a wildcat and was calling out reassurances to her.  He looked at me, and I said, “I choked.”

Poor guy is stuck with the likes of me….  I tell him that I’m preparing him for kids someday, what with choking spells and that time I carelessly set a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover on the coffee table (result:  it took off the enamel).


My workout routine recently has been very pinteresting.  I’ve taken to pulling little 10-15 minute workouts off Pinterest and trying them out each morning.  It’s quick – varied – and feels effective.  I am stuck on the 2 mile mark on my jogs.  This is probably because I jog approximately once every three weeks.  Apparently it’s hard to add distance when you lack consistency….  But by golly I’m proud of those two miles every time I manage them.


I’m back on the My Fitness Pal bandwagon.  Documenting my food choices somehow makes me feel more justified and defiant about said food choices.  It’s like, “Yeah – I ate a cheeseburger and fries today.  On purpose.  And I’d do it again.”


There are a couple of fashions that interest me…but I’m not sure that I can pull them off.  Or that I’m brave enough to even try.  They are:  rompers and crop tops.  Will you still be my friend if I dared either look?

Are you interested in any daring fashions at this time?  Any Pinterest-type workouts I should try?  And please tell me I’m not the only one who has choked on water and vitamins. 


11 thoughts on “A random post of recents.

  1. Oh my goodness. This just made my whole day. Seriously, you are the sweetest person I know. Thank you!

    I am very glad you did not choke. Happened to me once, I choked alone, had to Heimlich myself on the chair. I was single then and the only thing I could think was the newspaper headline, “Single girl living alone dies of choking on popcorn.” Tragic, it would have been.

  2. I am glad you survived the scary choking episode! Yes, that’s totally good practice for having kids. Little Miss has had a couple of scary choking episodes but Sonny hasn’t – he prefers near drowning. Big BIG congrats to your friend~ how exciting! And I vote yes on a romper, you have the perfect figure for that look.

  3. It’s like, “Yeah – I ate a cheeseburger and fries today. On purpose. And I’d do it again.” I think we just connected on a spiritual level after I read that quote. And YES to the romper! You should dare those looks because you will rock them. And girl, I have chocked on just water before, so I have NO room to make fun of your whatsoever. xx

  4. Super-scary, your choking incident! I’m glad you’re okay. Who knew that vitamins can kill… That reminds me of the SATC episode where Miranda chokes on her Chinese takeout and is totally freaked out that her cat will eat her face off one day, because she will die alone. Remember that episode? It’s a classic.
    Big YES on the romper, I’m looking for a cute one myself! And you should totally go for a crop top as well, gotta show off the results of all your pinteresting workouts!

  5. Hmmm, YES, you could totally pull off a romper, and I hope you at least try some on and post pics soon! :) Also, I choked on one of my prenatal vitamins, because the things are horse pills! Needless to say, I switched to gummies quick quickly. ;)

  6. I KNOW! Why do they show the same episodes of the Big Bang Theory over and over again? It drives me crazy!! I’m glad your choking episode turned out okay. Choking is so scary! I don’t think I’ve truly choked (or needed the Heimlich or anything), but when I was living in China, I got one of those tiny fishbones lodged in my throat for a few hours, and it scared me to death! The thing that scared me the most was the possibility that I would have to go to a Chinese hospital and have them remove it somehow! But luckily I just ate a lot of white rice and it eventually got pushed down into my stomach.

  7. Of course I’ll still be your friend if you try out those looks! You have the perfect body type to pull off both rompers and crop tops. So I say go for it! :)

    Also, I’m glad you survived the choking incident! That had to be at least momentarily terrifying! It’s good that you’re so thoughtful and wanting to help prepare Kevin for kids someday. ;)

  8. Gah so glad you’re okay after that choking incident! I hate when things go down the wrong way! I don’t think I could crop tops but I’ve been looking around for a romper that would look good..no luck yet!

  9. if you’re going to try all those pinterest workouts, you should wear rompers and crop-tops. you earned it, right? i say go for it while the weather is hot :) and.. also.. share your favorite works? please? wait a minute… are we pinterest friends? this is an issue.

  10. COOL SHOES! …And I’m not into fashion and don’t work out except playing soccer so I’m not much help on the other topics. BUT! I’m so glad you survived The Choking Incident of 2014. Good golly… that is terrifying!!! Were your eyes watering? I think I’d be crying after that.

  11. This is why we are friends: “Yeah – I ate a cheeseburger and fries today. On purpose. And I’d do it again.” You are hilarious! Please don’t have any more choking incidents!!

    Why can’t I find you on pinterest? Have you seen the one-song workouts on Buzzfeed? http://www.buzzfeed.com/mackenziekruvant/5-one-song-workouts#1407565 I did the Icona pop song, and it was intense. Actually I did half of one – nearly died doing Russian twists and decided to spend the rest of the song in corpse pose.

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