The most recent gathering of the Liberty Library League.

Last weekend I hosted the ladies of the Liberty Library League.  There were snacks.  There were fancy hats and white gloves.  There were big personalities and drama.

And…there was a murder.

Well, a fake one – thank goodness.

It was a murder mystery party and it was a smashing success.


First – the snacks.  {My hunky husband deserves an award for being awesome.  I flew in from San Diego the night before the party and not only did he pick me up at the airport, he also did all the shopping for the snacks. And he helped me with the logistics – hauling chairs out to the back deck, arranging the refreshments on the table, and sweeping up the cat hair in the entryway.  I married way, way up, people.}  I made some more of those asparagus tea sandwiches that I posted about here.  I chopped up some apples and washed some grapes.  I artfully arranged some cheese and crackers on a platter.  I made my all-time favorite appetizer, Cucumber Bites, which consist of thin slices of bread with cream cheese and a thin slice of English seedless cucumber and a light sprinkling of pepper on top.  My friend Leann was sweet enough to bring some carrot mini-muffins as well and they were soooo good!  The perfect complement.  And for dessert – chocolate chip cookies and ginger snaps (both Whole Foods bought and very tasty).  For beverages, I put ice in a punch bowl for sangria and pomegranate mimosa to chill.  There was also iced sweet tea lemonade.  And waters all around.

Second – the fancy hats and white gloves.  You guys.  My friends all portrayed their characters PERFECTLY.  The setting was 1955, so the ladies arrived dressed in lovely sundresses with hats and white gloves and perfectly tied scarves.




Third – the big personalities and drama.  Not only did they all look the part, they PLAYED the part.  Eight actresses performed beautifully in my backyard that day.  They hurled out clues and sightings of suspicious behavior.  They pointed elegantly manicured fingers at their fellow League members.  Yet, they were always the most ladylike of ladies.



Finally – the murder.  I purchased a kit from Mysteries by Vincent.

{We interrupt this blog post with a startling announcement.  As I linked to the Mysteries by Vincent website, I discovered that after 20 years in business, Mysteries by Vincent has closed their online store.  This is tragic.  I had a splendid experience when I ordered from them.  Their site was easy to navigate, they had a lot of options for murder mystery party themes and kits, delivery was prompt, and the kit was absolutely wonderful.  I am not being paid to say any of this and now it seems Mysteries by Vincent has nothing to gain from my rave review.  Sad face.}

The game is called “High Tea at the Liberty Library” or alternatively, “Who Toasted the Tart?”.  The kit came with everything I could possibly need – a how-to-host guide, character booklets, name tags, invitations, clandestine clues, and even a “Liberty Library” sign to hang on my front door for the duration of the party.   We made our way through three chapters of storyline and clues and then each lady made an accusation before the epilogues were read aloud.

I had so much fun.  Because I had eight people able to come to the party and eight characters in the kit, I focused solely on hosting and did not play a character.  It is, of course, possible to play a character if you’re hosting.  I really enjoyed just watching though and I was able to chime in and make dramatic comments about clues every so often, just to stay involved.  My friend Katie thought she was going to be late to the party so she asked to not have a character and also just observed.  The most important thing is to just gather up a group of people that you love to hang out with and who you know will have fun with the characters and let it happen.  I highly recommend hosting a murder mystery party and while I’m sad that you cannot order one from Mysteries by Vincent, I am certain that there are many other options out there in specialty party/game stores and online.


Have you ever hosted a theme party?  If so, any tips for success?  If not, would you want to host such a party in the future?  Any recommendations for murder mystery party vendors? 




13 thoughts on “The most recent gathering of the Liberty Library League.

  1. What a fun afternoon! All the ladies look so nice, and I love that they got into character like that! Nate and I attended a murder-mystery dinner once, and it was a fun experience… even if everyone else in the audience was elderly. Ha, ha. But Nate and I had fun with the older folks, just the same!

  2. I have always wanted to do this! Looks like I might need to step up to the plate and make it happen. It looks like so much fun. And I love the attire!

  3. This looks like so much fun! I’ve never done a murder mystery party, but I’ve always wanted to try one! I love that this was a murder mystery/tea party combined, complete with hats and gloves and everything!

  4. What fun! I’ve always wanted to do one of these. Kudos to you (and the husband) for planning one and getting it all together. That is really sad they closed the shop, though, after 20 years. Sad face.

  5. Amazing! Looks like the perfect party! I’ve been to a guided one once, in Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, and it was a lot of fun. You’re a great hostess!

  6. I can’t get over how adorable your friends are. I’m shocked that Kiki and Flo didn’t want to get in on the action. Perhaps they’re too smart and had the mystery figured out before it even began!

    This is a really fun idea. Were you inspired by BBT? I can barely host a regular party without a theme so I’m not sure how well a themed party would go. Maybe a PJ party! Does that count as a theme? I could do that! ;)

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