Remembering a cowboy.

Today marks the third anniversary of my dad’s passing.

This is him – in his element:


It’s a photo of a photo, so the quality is lacking and there is tape residue scarring the left side.  But I think it very clearly shows the WHO of my dad.  He was a cowboy. He was more comfortable on a horse than off.  He was very kind and had many, many friends, but he liked to be alone, exploring the countryside and living a life that is increasingly becoming extinct.

This week as his friends and family have posted photos and memories to albums on Facebook, I’ve enjoyed the trip down memory lane and I’ve chuckled at the thought of his reaction to the fact that he has been blowing up newsfeeds all over the country.

“Face book?  What the heck is a face book?”

I and so many people miss him.  I am content, however, to think that he’s on a horse in heaven, checking fences and keeping order in the largest and greenest of pastures.

For a look at last year’s tribute post and a very special hat, click here


14 thoughts on “Remembering a cowboy.

  1. There’s nothing more special than a Dad. Especially a dad who is a cowboy… My dad can’t ride a horse, but he has always reminded me of the cowboy type. Tough, rugged, and not afraid to get dirty. :) This post was absolutely beautiful and a touching tribute to the memory of your dad. I’ll bet he’s riding across some beautiful scenery up there in heaven! :) And I can’t imagine how much you miss him… but I love that the memory of him continues to live in your heart and continues to bring a smile to your face! Hugs!!!

  2. Aw sweet friend…your Dad sounds like a wonderful man. I love that image of him riding his horse in pastures in heaven. Such a lovely picture. :) XOXO

  3. Every year I forget that it’s been such a short time (and what probably also feels like a ridiculously long time on some days). I think what’s great is that you have Kevin and that Kevin is a fantastic father to the kitties and will be to humans too if you decide to have them. That obviously doesn’t make up for not having your dad but it will help you create a future. You got a good one :)

    Hugs to you today (though I’m behind on commenting) and always. And thank you for sharing your experience, your feelings, and your memories of your dad. You never know who you could help by sharing your own perspective!

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