A little work, a little play.

What’s a girl to do when her boss says, “Come to San Diego for a few days.”?

My supervisor lives in San Diego half time, and when she suggested I take a trip to the coast so she could do some training with me, I jumped on board.  After all, I’m nothing if not a good employee.

My mother-in-law (who has been friends with my supervisor forever) made the trip with me, which was really fun.

We jetted to California on Wednesday morning and met up with our host and hostess for the week.  Once we arrived at their house, we dove right into work.

Let me tell you – I am downright productive when working alongside gorgeous flowering bushes and trees, peep-peep birds hopping and peeping about, and a slight breeze lazily making it’s way through the open doors of a cozy house.

Oh and I made a new friend.  Meet O’Reilly.


Before I knew it, it was early afternoon and (just following orders here) time to wrap up and wind down – on the beach.  We marched our way through the beautiful neighborhood – stopping for fish burritos at Roberto’s, Pacific-bound.  And Pacific found!  The beach was clear and the tide was low and we settled down with our take out food.

The fish burrito was delicious, the waves were soothing, the sun was glowing, and the company was fun.




We were natural beach combers – picking up pretty shells and even a sand dollar along the coast.  There is a really nice dog beach and it was fun to see the dogs having such a blast.

As we wandered home, our path took us by many flower bushes and trees.  They grow like weeds!  Gorgeous weeds.



That night we had dinner at Pacific Coast Grill, where the food was good and the view was spectacular.  Naturally, I had chowder.  Followed by seafood pasta.  When in Rome…. (Or by the ocean…)  The marine layer hid the sunset a little, but that sun still managed to do some amazing things.


The following morning brought more work.  And after testing my hypothesis that working in a beach community is in fact good for productivity, I am delighted to report that the hypothesis was proven correct for the second day in a row!  I was READY for some food though.  And on this particular lunch, we called upon a California favorite – In-N-Out burger.  Those burgers.  Those fries.  Delicious!


My supervisor had an appointment in La Jolla that afternoon, so Sue and I accompanied her and spent a couple of hours perusing little shops, meandering through a museum of art and music, and of course, taking in the sights and sounds of the ocean.

See the little baby sea gulls behind the front one?  So cute!

See the little baby sea gulls behind the front one? So cute!

We met back up with Raana and her sweet kids, posing for a few quick photos because we could.



Next on the agenda was some food – Puesto Mexican Street Food.  Am-A-Zing tacos, my friends.

Then we headed home and the journey was fun as Raana, her daughter, and Sue all shared memories of the area that we were driving through.

Friday morning brought some more work and training opportunities.  Sue and Raana left me to it as they ran some errands and they came back bearing gifts – more tacos.  Following the theme – these were delicious too.

Mid-afternoon it was time to head to airport – but first we stopped for chowder and oysters on the half shell.  Tasty!

Finally, we were dropped at the airport with hugs and well-wishes for a safe journey and promises to talk soon.  Sue and I sipped on some vanilla lattes, chatted, and people watched in the airport before boarding our flight.

Then we were home and a handsome chauffeur (aka the husband) was waiting to whisk us home.

The perfect work/play trip!

Do you often travel for work?  Have you gone on any play trips recently? 


10 thoughts on “A little work, a little play.

  1. How FUN! I’ve only traveled once for work, and it was a business trip to Portland, Oregon. I loved that it was an excuse for me to travel all the way across country, because I probably wouldn’t have been able to afford it otherwise. Honestly, California is one of those places that I truly hope to see before I die. :) I just think it’s so different than the coast I’m used to here in New England, so I’d love to see it… and to taste all that amazing food! :)

  2. how lucky are you? your boss suggests san diego and your mother-in-law offers to come along? sounds like the perfect work week to me :) also: this post is making me miss in n’ out burger – yum!!

  3. How nice! Usually my work trips take me inland (although they are close to family, so I get a chance to visit). However, the most recent trip was to NYC. I’m hoping Cali is my next one, though! Gorgeous pictures!

  4. Dude. You should’ve played the lottery while you were at it! Lucky duck! I love that photo of the boardwalk attractions and the ferris wheel.

    I’ve never touched the Pacific or seen a west coast sunset on the water. Some day!

    I hardly ever travel for work and I’m not upset about that. I hate traveling solo as a female because I don’t feel safe and also I feel like work travel is a waste of travel because I’d rather be playing. Which is why your trip was absolutely perfect!!

  5. you look like you belong in CA standing at the beach and of course you can always get in-n-out pretty much anywhere in the state :-)

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