Recently I have been soaking up the vitamin D.  I love me some blue sky and sunshine.

And low humidity.

Can you believe that it was 20% humidity the other day and I felt like I was living in a sauna?  I know, I know…that is like no humidity at all in some places.  But here…gosh, it was downright muggy.


Recently I channeled my twelve year old self and sang along (poorly – as always) at the top my lungs to Avril Lavigne and the Backstreet Boys in concert.  So. much. fun.  They’ve still got it – those choreographed dance moves, smooth voices, and they still look pretty dreamy too.  Howie was sick (so sad) so they were a man down but covered well.  I’d go to their concert again faster than you can say quit playin’ games with my heart.  Avril was great too.  I would post video I took on my phone but my singing is also featured and it’s simply too obnoxious.


Recently there was a trip to an old abandoned railyard station that now plays host to a weekly market.  It was inspiring to see so many from the community coming together and that awesome, empty space being utilized for good.

There was also a trip to the botanical gardens – green, lush, and packed with butterflies and families enjoying time together.



And then after a stroll through the aquarium it was time for popsicles.


And dorilocos.  =a bag of chips, split open, and combined with cucumber, peanuts, onion, and some other ingredients that I don’t remember and a whole lotta hot sauce

I thought it was delicious.  Others preferred to simply leave the description at ‘interesting’.


Recently I had some company on my walk to work.


Recently I had a hankering for cupcakes.  And have since managed to polish off a lot of them, thanks to Betty Crocker and the co-op eggs I had to rush out and get when I realized we were out – after all other ingredients were in the bowl, of course.  image

Fortunately, I’ve been doing the 30 day ab challenge recently as well.  I’m on day 9, I think.  And may I just say…leg raises are horrible.

I’ve also done a little yoga recently.  Taught by one of the barre instructors at the studio I attend on occasion, it incorporated a lot of isometric holds and little movements that left me shaking and sore!


Other workouts include the two straight hours of shakin’ it {which really just means shifting my weight from one foot to the other and occasionally swinging my arms awkwardly} at Vanilla Pop last Friday night.  Vanilla Pop is this awesome two-guy cover band that sings jams from the 70’s and 80’s.  A group of gals (and a few brave men) met up and stayed out until 1 AM which is really quite unheard of for moi.


I have a new favorite dress.  Which I wore out two nights in a row because I love it so much.  (Don’t judge – I paired it with different shoes each night which COMPLETELY changed the look.)


Recently I met up with an elementary school friend for brunch.  She has wanted to be a vet since we were children and she just graduated veterinary school. Here’s to goals being met and dreams coming true and to the next great adventure for this wonderful lady!


Flo and I have also been doing a lot of reading.  We finished The Last Summer (of You & Me) last week and Her Fearful Symmetry yesterday.  Both received three stars from me.  And four paws from Flo as she found the books perfect for nap time.


So that’s what I’ve been up to recently.

How about you?  Tell me all about a recent event or two. 


16 thoughts on “Recently.

  1. Dorilocos sounds interesting. I’d totally try it! Minus onion.

    LOVE YOU IN THAT DRESS! oh my gah. I don’t know how Kevin lets you outta the house without him.

  2. LOVE that dress!!!! :) And I have to say that I’ve never tried yoga, but I’m told that I need to just try it out already. Ha, ha. Do you like it? Oh, and that cupcake looks heavenly! I could go for one right about now… :)

  3. OMG, that bag of chips with all that goodness looks so sinfully delicious. I cannot even imagine. Salsa Verde was my favorite flavor of Doritos!! YUM! You look so lovely in that open back dress, and I am loving all your outdoor adventures.

  4. That dress is cute! The back is really unique. I bet you look great in it. Oh, Avril. Why you gotta make things so complicated? ;) haha. Sounds like you’ve been having some fun! That dorito thing looks… interesting. I’m not much of a hot sauce fan, so I don’t know if I would like that. But I’d be willing to try it!

  5. oh goodness, this post is chock-full of all the things that make summer so lovely – outdoor concerts and popsicles and friends and botanical gardens and old railway stations? i’m jealous :)

  6. That dress is beautiful! I love the back of it! I can see why you’d wear it out twice. ;)

    Also… BSB!!!!!!!! LOVE! And a little bit jealous. ;) Also, I totally loved Avril as a teenager too! Ah, good times!

    Oh, and I don’t think I would even notice 20% humidity. I don’t know if we ever have it that low even in the winter, ha! It was 95% humidity one day last week and I felt like I was walking around in a sauna. Definitely not pleasant, haha! Typically it’s not that bad, though. And I definitely handle the heat (and humidity) better than the cold!

  7. I didn’t even realize that Backstreet Boys were back on tour! I haven’t seen them since I was in high school…how exciting! And good for you for doing the ab workout! My after-baby recovery period is just about over, so I’m about to start trying to work on these abs…is there a certain program that you’re using?

    And I love your dress! :-D

  8. okay, i totally forgot about that book, the last summer [of you and me]… i am like 99% sure that i read it at one point, but i do not remember at all!! such a flashback all of the sudden :) and awww your kitty!!!

  9. Avril? Ah I saw her last summer, and she was so good! One of my favs! We had 100% humidity in Texas this morning. I didn’t even know that was possible, but once I was out running in it, I decided that it WAS possible. It’s crazy! Send some of that 20% humidity weather my way please!

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