Photo Friday Flashback – honeymoonin’.

My mind has been preoccupied.  I have been completely and utterly distracted by my own sighing and reminiscing about the honeymoon adventure that Kevin and I were on a year ago.  But I’m not alone in my preoccupation.  It’s safe to say we’ve both been distracted – comments such as, “Mmm, remember the food we ate at…” and “This time last year we were…” have followed us around like comic strip speech bubbles all week.

And just where were we?  We made a tour of the Pacific Northwest, where I ate my weight in chowder and fish and chips and Kevin lived in his perfect temperature bubble.  The cool, misty rains and the fresh, crisp air – that’s his happy place.

It is in memory and with shameless nostalgia that I now redirect attention to the recap posts from the honeymoon I want to relive.

{Click on the links  to travel back in time.}

We started off with a  day trip to Orcas Island. 

Day 4 - Orcas Pottery Amy & Kevin swings

Then we sailed to seaside Sidney. 

Misc Pictures 008

 On the third day, we moseyed to Victoria.

Day 6 - Victoria arriving at The Empress

Still in Victoria, we had a probably perfectly British day.

Day 7 - Victoria Butchart Gardens pink flowers

 And we concluded honeymoon bliss in Seattle.

Day 8 - Seattle outside original Starbucks


Last and, quite frankly, least, in case you were wondering what kind of style I sported on this Pacific Northwest honeymoon….


Where do you wish you were right now?  What was your most favorite trip of all time? 


9 thoughts on “Photo Friday Flashback – honeymoonin’.

  1. You were in my neck of the woods! I’m just across Vancouver Island on the mainland, not far from Vancouver. Too bad it was drizzly, but if that’s what your husband likes than I guess it was perfect!
    One of my fave vacations was a roadtrip we took 7 years ago through 10 states of the US – I was completely taken by the natural beauty of Utah. We visited several national parks, and I fell in love with that gorgeous red rock!

  2. I still can’t believe it’s been a whole year already! I keep reminiscing about the honeymoon trip that my husband and I took last year to Niagara Falls and Toronto. We haven’t traveled anywhere in awhile, and we really miss it!

  3. Well one of my favorites was when you accompanied me to NYC! I’ve also loved the trips I’ve taken to Mexico, especially when I got to watch my husband swimming with dolphins that were passing by in the Sea of Cortez.

  4. This post just made me so excited for my upcoming honeymoon. It’s crazy how fast the time passes, huh?! I have always wanted to visit Seattle, and just the PNW in general! I loved reading over your style post again. Your jacket is too cute!

    My favorite trip (yet) has probably been a cruise!

  5. the pacific northwest is NEXT on our list of trips that we want to take, and these pictures only make me wish it would come sooner (we have a crop of weddings, bachelorette, family and other obligatory trips first). the fish ‘n chips and cool weather all sounds wonderful :)

  6. The hubby and I were in Hawaii last May, and we keep thinking back to our trip too… It was the most amazing vacation ever, and we dream of the day (far, far into the future) that we can go back. :) So we too have spent a good deal of time going over old pics and talking about the food and fun!

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