This past weekend involved many of my favorite things.  But first!  Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments and anniversary well-wishes on my previous post.  You all are amazing and I have so enjoyed getting to share the past year with you through this little blog space.


Our actual one year anniversary.  Which is fun in itself!  But it was triple fun with a trip to the spa for massages and a trip to my favorite restaurant for my favorite meal with my favorite guy.  Really – does it get any better than that?


The photo to show that I was, in fact, at a spa - complete with awkward robe and low lighting in the 'Relaxation Room'.

The necessary spa photo to show that I was, in fact, at a spa – complete with awkward robe and low lighting.

His and hers.

His and hers.

Just hers.  :)

Just hers. :)

A salad and chowder to start.

A salad and chowder to start.

The single best entrée in the history of entrees - lobster ravioli.

The single best entrée in the history of entrees – lobster ravioli.



A cozy breakfast at an old haunt with my great-aunt and uncle, sister, and Kevin.  My aunt and uncle are in their eighties and they host a Sunday breakfast at various restaurants around town each week.  Normally there are more of us in attendance and therefore more competition for chatter.  This smaller gathering made breakfast feel especially special.

Then Lisa and I went shopping.  She needed some professional clothes, cuz she’s in the pro-fess-ion-al world now, yo.  And I needed a few shirts from Charming Charlie’s, so what can ya do?

There was a nap after all that cardio – eh, shopping – and then burgers and sausage on the grill at my in-laws casa.

And there was a lot of rain on this afternoon.  RAIN!  It was a nice steady shower for hours which is JUST what we needed here in the desert.  Keep it coming, clouds!

I finished my book that night – The Other Typist.  Have you read it?  I’m still processing…I think I liked it….but maybe I didn’t….?



Here’s to all the service men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  I hope we all feel and share that gratitude every day, but what a special reminder Memorial Day is, yes?

Kevin and I started the day out on the back porch and it was just perfect.  Our backyard is my new favorite place.


The rain left the air and the grass and the trees fresh and crisp and yet the sun was smiling down with some glorious warmth.  We read and relaxed for a bit, then went to do a little water feature research as we’re adding a water feature to our backyard.  A trip to the grocery store was necessary as provisions were growing alarmingly low, and we picked up BBQ for lunch because it seemed like the American thing to do.  The afternoon was spent lazing about in the backyard – reading, working on invitations for an upcoming murder mystery party (as the hostess, I know whodunit and I ain’t tellin’), and plotting a bit on future trips. Kiki did a little cardio.

Then we watched the Mad Men Season 7 Part 1 finale.  {Seriously, AMC?  Seriously?  Was it really necessary to split the final season into two parts?  Now I have to wait until SPRING 2015 to find out what’s in store for Don Draper.}  Does anyone want to talk about the MMS7P1 finale?  Because I do.  I really, really do.

So yes…this weekend included some of my favorite things – quality hours with my man {and my two favorite kitties}, spa time, lobster ravioli, shopping, family, rain, sunshine, reading, and good TV.  Sweet?  I’d say so.

How was your Memorial Day weekend?  What are a few of your favorite things {bonus points if you read that in a Sound of Music sing-song tune}?  Wanna talk Mad Men or The Other Typist? 



10 thoughts on “Sweekend.

  1. Your weekend sounds fantastic. MMS7P1 finale – my feelings are so mixed! As always with Mad Men, a second or even third viewing helps me to get exactly where they were going with it. I like where it left off for most of the characters though, but I’m confused on a few of the story lines and where they are headed. I’ll add The Other Typist to my library list!

  2. oh gosh, your anniversary day sounds incredible – massages and lobster ravioli? yes please. i might just get both those things even though it *isn’t* my anniversary :) excited to hear the details of your new water feature (fountain or pond) and your outfit for the mystery murder party :)

  3. Your cat is hilarious! Way to get her exercise in, I should try that. And a murder mystery party sounds like so much fun – please document and share with us!

  4. What a fabulous weekend!!!

    Also, please email me the name and location of the restaurant with that drool-worthy lobster ravioli. John and I are putting it on our list! And yes, we’ll invite you for a double date :)

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