A first anniversary.

May 24, 2014, marks the first anniversary of the day I was lucky enough to marry this guy.

First Look

And it has been a fantastic year.

Last year the 24th was a Friday, so let’s celebrate today as well, shall we?

Misc Pictures 008

He was nominated for husband of the year when he accompanied me to the SSA and the bank and the DMV as I fought the name change battle.  We’ve read a lot of books and we’ve spent a lot of quality cuddle time in the company of Breaking Bad and the Big Bang Theory and Mad Men.  We have logged many an hour with Kiki and Flo settled comfortably on laps.  {Normally their participation is more voluntary and less begrudging than the below photo would imply. A formal photo shoot rolls around and they’re all, “Whatever, humans.  We refuse to look at the camera and we will rip your shirt and skin in protest.”}

Misc Pictures 035

We’ve lingered over dinner dates – out and in the comfort of our own home.  We’ve cooked a lot of delicious meals – and a few that were not so tasty (like the time I burnt the pine nuts for the pesto….).  We have traveled – together and on our own – and we agree that it’s always better together.

Misc Pictures 010

There were no fights, but I confess to being snappy and impatient sometimes.  However, I did prove the width and depth of my love by attending a Broncos game in 9 degree weather.  And I watched the first night of the NFL draft, start to finish, so that’s bound to count for something.  We moved into a new home and he was completely supportive when I decided to change jobs.

Misc Pictures 029

Misc Pictures 031

We’re gym buddies on weekends and neighborhood walkers when the fancy strikes.  We eat dinner at the coffee table in front of the television because we’re grown ups and we can.  He brings me flowers for no other reason than just because.

Misc Pictures 019

One year of marriage down, and seventy-five or so to go with this guy by my side.

Misc Pictures 022

*Aren’t these photos wonderful?  My very talented friend Shawna (aka Neighbor – because we were neighbors at work for years) took them.  As is only fitting really, because she took our engagement pictures as well. 


17 thoughts on “A first anniversary.

  1. I cannot believe it’s been a year since reading your fabulous wedding/honeymoon posts! What a great idea to have an anniversary photo shoot! It could become a tradition. Justin and I have an anniversary photo album–there is a two-page spread for each year. One side is for pictures and one page is for writing–things like where we went the past year, notable events in the news, our hopes and dreams for the upcoming year, etc. It’s a neat book to flip back through!

  2. Cute photos! Helps when the subjects are just so darn attractive ;) Happy Anniversary!!!!

    Also, no fights? Seriously? Please email me your secrets immediately. John and I are emotional, passionate people and we feel like one day without a fight is a victory. haha. We’re just not laid back. I need to know your tricks and tips! When you write up your memoir, I want to be the first to read :)

  3. I LOVE how these pics turned out! So romantic and adorable!! :) It sounds like SUCH a wonderful year; and here is to many, many more!! :) Happy anniversary!

  4. Ahh, I love this whole post! It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year already! Time sure does fly! I These photos are beautiful (even the one where the kitties look less than pleased about being photographed, ha!)! And I enjoyed reading your recap of the year. What a wonderful year it has been. :)

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  6. I was just going to ask about your photos! They ARE wonderful :) Happy anniversary to you both! But… there were NO fights? You must be pretty easy to get along with. Jordan and I fought all.the.time it seemed like our first year of marriage. All in all the year was fun but stressful too. We’re just both so stubborn. Anyway, congrats to the both of you. Wishing you many more years!

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