Language barriers, a trip to the beach, and a bug zapper – China Letter VII.

This year, I am posting old letters that I sent to my family and friends when I was living in China.  As I don’t really have many photos to go with the discussion points in this short letter, there is a random assortment of pictures that were taken around the time that this letter was written. 

Written in mid-May 2007. 

I know it’s been awhile since I sent an update.  It has been really busy.  Also, I’ve pretty much adjusted to the culture so the novelty of things to share with you is wearing off.  Let’s see….

My Chinese is improving.  Everyone says that I have excellent pronunciation.  Unfortunately, I think my ability to speak proper English is suffering.  It’s very important to speak clear and slow English with my colleagues.  Sometimes I know that I am talking too fast or using words or expressions that they don’t understand, but I just keep jabbering on.  And bless their hearts, they nod and smile and pretend to understand exactly what I’m talking about.  Oh and they get so excited when I say anything in Chinese.

Doris and Amy

Doris became a good friend during my time in Shenzhen.

We took a trip to the beach a few weeks ago with other managers at the hotel.   It was nice to walk in the sand.  The beach was pretty.  And the food they fed us was delicious.

Sand and ocean

I hate mosquitoes because they love me. But I’ve discovered a way to get revenge.  I purchased an “electronic bug trap” at Wal-Mart.  It looks like a tennis racket, and with the aid of two double A batteries it produces an electronic current that zaps the little suckers.  You can see them frying on the wires and the big ones even pop.  Great fun.  Use with caution though…a friend of mine zapped himself pretty good!  He flinches anytime one of those things comes near him now.

That’s all for now!  Love ya all!

And as promised, random pictures from a trip to Hong Kong and a going away celebration….

Amy Todd Amy Hong Kong

Amy, Todd, and me – in Hong Kong – May 6, 2007

Hong Kong

The busy streets of Hong Kong – May 6, 2007

Amy Amy Hong Kong view from mountain

Amy squared – Hong Kong backdrop – May 6, 2007

Hong Kong night view from mountain

Hong Kong – May 6, 2007

Champagne - Amy's Goodbye Celebration

A champagne toast to the other Amy on night 2 of her going away festivities. (Mid-May 2007)


7 thoughts on “Language barriers, a trip to the beach, and a bug zapper – China Letter VII.

  1. funny that you mentioned your english suffering – i felt the same when i was teaching english at the orphanage in mexico – i had to speak so, so slowly and always find the most simple way to say things, that i worried i would use the same language when i returned home. luckily it all comes back pretty quickly :)

  2. We used to use those bug zappers SO much while we lived there, haha! My dad bought a bunch and brought them back as gifts for my uncles and grandfathers. That was a fun summer in the States, haha! Everyone zapping bugs in the backyard while we grilled out. :)

  3. You’re making me miss China! Now that I’m trying to adjust to my new mommy responsibilities, our days spent living in China seem so carefree and easy–it would be nice to go back! It’s interesting that you say that you’ve “pretty much adjusted” to Chinese culture. I never totally felt that way. I felt like I was always stepping back and marveling over things, like, “If we ever did things this way in the U.S., everyone would flip out!” And I got easily frustrated with Chinese culture quite a lot–I guess I wasn’t meant to live there permanently. It’s nice that you found an electric bug zapper! We brought Off! spray with us, but other than that, we couldn’t find much to help us fend off the bugs. Everyone kept telling us about (and someone eventually gave us a few) these incense things that were supposed to get rid of bugs–they were in the shape of coils, kind of like an old-fashioned coil stove top. But I hated the smell of those things–they were people repellent as well as bug repellent, in my opinion!

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