Fancy a stroll?

Guess who now lives a five minute walk from her office?  This girl.

It is pretty…pretty…pretty…pretty awesome.

I decided to bring you along on this particular morning as I stroll to work.  {Inspiration credit for this photo walk goes to my girl Janelle.  I adore her photo walk posts!}

Let’s get started, shall we?

Breathe in the fresh spring air as we step out the front door in the morning.  It’s already summer-warm in the middle of the day most days, but the mornings are still the slightest bit crisp and the AM sprinklers even add a bit of moisture to the air.  This lovely plant is in my front yard and for some reason, it reminds me of Anne of Green Gables.  I feel like Anne Shirley would have a wordy, romantic description for how the purple flowers dance in the early morning sunlight.  But I’m not Anne, so I just snap a photo with my iPhone and let it speak for itself.


This interesting little pine tree catches my eye next as I make my way to the sidewalk.  It seems to me like a tree of whispers, softly draping and drooping and never revealing too much.


Oh!  Hello, grasshopper!  He’s sunbathing and I catch him by surprise.  But he recognizes in me a fellow fan of the Vitamin D, so he pauses briefly for a photo op and then bounces his way into his element:  the grass.


Don’t daydream so much that you veer off the cemented path!  This prickly guy would cause some pain to the shins.


Another potential hazard of walking-under-the-influence-of-daydreams?  Low hanging tree branches!  I nearly ran smack into this one as my eyes are aimed downward – looking for something interesting to capture in the lens.


I spy…a spy-der web.  The sun makes them seem like dew on the shrub – but then you start imagining webs and their spiders caressing your neck and face and you realize it’s time to move on.


Ahh, a flowering tree.  Now that’s more pleasant.  It smells nice too.


These wild roses look like they are trying to climb their way over the wall and right into the irrigation ditch.  Maybe they’re dropping twigs and having stick races to pass the time.


Big picture – I’m about to break to the right and make my way onto a dirt path.  This is probably the halfway point between home and work.


Aren’t tree stumps simultaneously sad and majestic?  They’re like a symbol of yesterday.  Rough around the edges, with lines of life running every which way.


Fire ants!  I snap a quick photo of their bed while hopping from one foot to the other, hoping to deter them from crawling up my leopard print flats.


This guy is working hard for his supper.  There is a little speck of red fire ant in the center of the photo – he’s carrying a seed that is larger than his body!


And here’s a little roly-poly, trudging along over the rough terrain.


More ants.  I find the little black ones more creepy, if less dangerous, than the red fire ants.


It’s important to stop and smell the roses and/or pick the dandelions.


This tree greets me each morning as I round the corner of the dirt path and walk on to the asphalt of the office parking lot.


And that’s it!  Home to work in five minutes or less.  Thanks for tagging along!

How far do you have to travel to get to your office?  What is your favorite part of your commute?



17 thoughts on “Fancy a stroll?

  1. I love that you can walk to work! I didn’t know this. That is one thing I majorly miss about San Francisco is that I walked everywhere (or you know, caught the trolley which is equally awesome!)

  2. My commute is mostly underground (subway!) but the people watching is highly entertaining. You never know what you will see (or wish you didn’t see). Sometimes if I can catch an express bus at night I take that…and I love seeing an office building at night since all the lights are bright blue. As soon as I see the blue lights I know I’m almost home.

  3. ooooh fun! Nice photos! Isn’t it interesting what you notice when you get to look up/down/left/right/all around?

    I love that tree stump and cactus. The landscape is so different from PA and it’s beautiful!

    Also… EW! bugs! ha :)

  4. What a funny little cactus! I’m jealous of your within-walking-distance job. I always walked to work in college, and I miss those quiet morning strolls.

  5. OH MY GOSH. I hate you a little bit. I would love a five-minute walk to work! That sounds (and looks) lovely. Mine’s a 25-min drive. Could be worse, I guess. It’s really not so bad, but man would I love a walking commute! I’d even take biking.

  6. I live about 2 miles from my school, and I LOVE walking to it. I always feel like I’m back in the early 1900’s on the frontier or something. (Apparently I REALLY let my imagination go wild.) I love all the nature you get to see. A walk whose path contains tons of gorgeous bits of nature is one of the greatest things on earth!

  7. I soooo wish I could walk to work. It’s about a 15 minute drive (or a 10mile run, I’ve done this in my spare time hah) soooo I definitely drive. I do want to get a bike and possibly commute that way at times!

  8. I would LOVE to be able to walk to work. What a beautiful stroll you have!!! I’m about a 30 minute drive to work, but I’ve learned to enjoy it. My new Kari Jobe cd is helping make it my Jesus time, which I always need. :)

  9. What a great idea, to document your walk! It’s well worth documenting, it’s so pretty!
    I’m jealous of anyone who lives in a place where cacti grow, so much warmth and sun year-round.
    Beautiful pictures!

  10. 5 minute walk to your office? how awesome is that? i worked 45 minutes from my house in Chicago, and then when i moved in with Jon, the commute shrank to 5- it was glorious!

  11. LOL to bumping into the cactus with your shins. I bet that would HURT! I love cacti so, so much. We don’t have them in PA haha… I had a mini one but my cat attacked it and it fell and died. I hope it hurt her just a little ;)

  12. Something I haven’t missed since moving out of Melbourne is driving to work through the countryside – it’s great to whip through a landscape of wheatfields and sheep rather than endless cars, cement and asphalt!

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