It was a road trip kind of sweekend.

My sister, Lisa, graduated with her MBA on Saturday from a Texas university, so K and I hopped in the car on Saturday morning to make the four-hour trek across the state line.  We watched Lisa cross the stage and get that fancy-schmancy hood, and then we snapped a few pictures at her apartment before heading to Scott’s Oyster Bar to have some celebratory food.



Left: Lisa and her bestie Lindsey

Top Right:  Lisa and her dad

Bottom Right:  Lisa and Mom


Left:  Lisa and Kevin

Right:  Lisa and some weirdo

My meal of fried oysters and stuffed crab was so tasty and gluttonous, I vowed to not eat anything else that day.  And I had every intention of making good on that vow…until that evening when we went to Marble Slab and I HAD to get some dark chocolate ice cream with pecans.  And I didn’t need to eat another bite all day.

But then it was a new day and Lisa and Lindsey introduced Kevin and me to their favorite breakfast spot – Ye Old Pancake Station.  Oh my breakfast.  Eggs, hash browns, bacon, and biscuits and gravy.  It was really good – not greasy like breakfast feasts of the like often are.  And the place was hoppin’ – their great service and food are obviously a hit in Amarillo.

We headed west after breakfast, stopping at my parent’s house on the drive home.  I was able to spend a little time with my mama and provide her with a little lunch (her only requests on Mother’s Day:  pizza and a coke).  Then she had to get back work on farm stuff in the gusty eastern-New Mexico wind.  She and my step-dad work so hard on the family farm/ranch, and I really admire them for their work ethic, their passion for agriculture, and the life they lead.  I come from good people, people.

Speaking of good people…it was awesome to celebrate Lisa and her MBA accomplishment.  She finished the program in a year, while working a full schedule the entire time.  She did awesome and I could not be more proud or tickled pink for her.  She begins her new job on June 2, and great things are in her future.  Of that I am certain.


Two of my favorite ladies.

Poor Kevin had to have a strong grip on the steering wheel on the drive home.  That wind didn’t stop blowing for a single moment.  We made it home and he was able to grab a nap before we met his parents for dinner.  We celebrated his mom at a local favorite restaurant and topped it off with some gelato.  His mom is one of the kindest, most caring and optimistic people I have ever met and she is such a wonderful mother-in-law and friend.


Family photo – complete with Bailey


Mother and son.

That was the weekend. It was full of celebrations and quality time, so a sweet one indeed.

How was your weekend? 


9 thoughts on “Sweekend.

  1. Oh my weekend was alright ;) I loved getting to see you and I can honestly say that I celebrated with the most special people in my life. Thank you for coming down :)

  2. Yay for road trips! They are the best. Minus the gusty winds maybe.
    What a love-filled weekend with amazing food – best combo ever. I hope your week will be a good on too!

  3. It is positively disgusting how attractive all of you are! What the heck, Amy?! Share some with the rest of us, will you?!??? ;)

    That was quite the whirlwind weekend but so fun! Good job remembering to take photos!

  4. “i come from good people, people.” what a happy thing to be able to say :) i didn’t know that your parents worked on a farm/ranch? how awesome is that? you’ll have to share some stories about your time there :) and congrats to you sister on that MBA- that’s quite the accomplishment. Know what else is an accomplishment? Your dress — love it.

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