My dream team celebrity BFF’s.

Let’s pretend that these ladies know who I am. If they did, I’m certain they’d love me.

Emma Watson – I like a British accent, naturally, so that would be fun in a friend. And we could really delve into Harry Potter; I’m sure she would have some insider’s insight to share with me.  She seems like the kind of person I would be friends with in “real life,” like if we’d gone to school together or worked at the same company.  Also, she’s supposedly 5’5″ like me so we could raid each other’s closets.

Emma Watson


Jennifer Lawrence – It would be enough that she’s Katniss and, like Emma with HP, Jen could share all the juicy gossip about filming for The Hunger Games movies. But – also like Emma – her appeal as a BFF doesn’t stop there. She is talented and seems genuine.  Not to mention hilarious.  And the girl likes to eat.  I’m in.


Betty White – A real pistol, that Betty. She seems like the wildest of my celebrity BFF’s, so she would convince me to get into all kinds of trouble.  We’d probably be calling Kevin for bail money.


Taylor Swift – Don’t hate. This is a girl who has made a lot of money singing about getting her heart broken. My heartbreaks paid nothing, so she’s way cooler than me for that alone. She seems fun and quirky and she’d probably let me borrow her clothes and her hairstylist.


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge – But of course she’d insist I call her Kate. We’d drink tea and watch polo and be very classy.



Who is in your celebrity entourage? 


12 thoughts on “My dream team celebrity BFF’s.

  1. This is awesome. “We’d drink tea and watch polo and be classy.” I fear that you might be too short for Taylor’s closet, I think homegirl is like 6 feet tall!

  2. Love this list! Any trouble to be had with Betty White would be well worth it. My girl group would include Mindy Kaling, Katy Perry, and Drew Barrymore. I adore them!

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