Pesto is the besto.

To celebrate spring and summer (’tis the season for fresh basil!), I would like to talk about how much I love pesto.  Homemade pesto, mind you.  The store bought varieties are fine in a pinch, but there is absolutely nothing store bought that can compare to the wonderful-ness of fresh basil, pine nuts still warm from toasting, and the aroma of crushed garlic.

In our house, we all have our roles when it comes to the preparation of the pesto.  Flo supervises and tries to look cute so we’ll give her treats.  Kiki is intrigued, but keeps her distance and hides when the food processor abruptly starts making a racket.  Kevin does nearly all the work.  I usually toast the pine nuts, but my main responsibility is to eat the final product by the spoonful.

Tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

We (meaning Kevin) roughly follows this recipe.  But really he’s such an expert pesto maker in this stage of the game that he doesn’t even look at a recipe and  eyeballs the measurements.






Mmm, does it look basil-tastic enough to eat?  Go ahead — take a spoon to the monitor screen.  I won’t judge.  In fact, I’ll grab a spoon myself.

Do you like pesto?  Is there a particular food that reminds you of SUMMER (pesto certainly does so for me!)?



11 thoughts on “Pesto is the besto.

  1. mmm! Are you guys growing basil?? I do love pesto but only homemade because (you and K would probably give me a look for this…) I don’t like garlic. Oh I so wish I did! It’s in practically everything. Actually, the real reason is that garlic makes me feel like crap. So while I don’t care for it, I could definitely handle it being subtle and offering layered flavor in things if I didn’t immediately know afterwards, “crap. there was garlic in that.”

    Also, why are pine nuts so dang expensive? Not fair.

    What all do you use your pesto for? Pasta, veggies, burgers, fish…? Besides the eating-with-a-spoon thing, of course ;)

  2. i love pesto (especially pesto pizza) but jon has a nut-allergy that’s kept me away from the dish-of-choice for a couple years now. except, just today, a friend told me about nut-free pesto. thinking my luck is about to change… :)

  3. I LOVE homemade pesto, but my hubby is allergic to nuts so I can’t have the typical pine-nut version when he’s around. Pooh! Ha, ha. But I DO love basil, so I grow the herb in the summer… and I use it on absolutely EVERYTHING! :)

  4. Oh yeah! Can’t wait till we have basil growing here! It freezes well too so you can store some for winter.

  5. I LOVE PESTO, and usually have to make my own because most store bought pesto has cheese in them. WHICH IS FINE, but not for me! This looks realllllyy good.

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