Sometimes, a girl needs to get out of town.  So she hops on a Southwest flight and spends the weekend with a best friend.

That was me last weekend.

Joy and I met when I worked in Phoenix during the summer of 2006.  We spent those hot months drinking and dancing and pool lounging and doing really crazy things – like eating jalapeno poppers at 3 AM.  That summer was one of my favorites in the history of summers and Joy tops the list of reasons why.  And our friendship was not a summer friendship fling – no sir.  This one was serious and long term.  I was with her the night she met her {now} husband.  Kevin and I made the trip to Napa Valley for Joy’s wedding {twist our arms – see what nice friends we are?  To travel so selflessly to a gorgeous destination wedding?}.  A year later, she was one of my lovely bridesmaids.  Despite the distance, Joy and I pick up right where we left off whenever we talk, and don’t we all agree that those are the best kind of friendships?


But back to this sweekend.  Joy and her wonderful husband are expecting their first child and I knew I wanted to go visit and see her gorgeous self growing that baby.  And selfishly, I was glad that I am unable to make the shower in June – I preferred to spend the entire weekend with Joy all to myself!

She picked me up at the airport and after a hug and some very dignified squealing about how she is the most stunning pregnant lady imaginable, we hopped in her car and headed straight to a salon for double action: manicures AND pedicures.  With freshly painted and pampered nails, we went to her house.  This was the first time I’d seen it and it is gorgeous!  The neighborhood is lovely and the interior is that posh, cool, fresh wonderfulness that is Joy.  I also made the acquaintance of Queen Victoria, such a sweet and pretty Persian.


Then we dressed for tea – complete with hats and white gloves (!!) – and drove to The Phoenician.  The Phoenician is amazing as a whole, and their tea is no exception.  We put a serious dent in their pots of tea and tasty savory sandwiches and cranberry and buttermilk scones (with Devonshire cream and lemon curd and strawberry preserves) and delicate desserts.  We chatted and really enjoyed the tea experience.







Bellies full, we made our way home to relax and continue the catch up.  Joy is growing a gymnast – it was so fun to hear about how the baby was moving and kicking and just really enjoying the tea party in which they had just indulged!

Pizza at home that evening and Joy’s husband made it home just in time to eat with us.  They are such an intelligent and fun couple to spend time with – and so sweet.

Saturday was very productive with errands and a yummy lunch at an obscure bar & grill setting.  The day will also be known as Mission: Find the PERFECT nursery rug.  Mission accomplished!  To celebrate, we stopped for some refreshing Italian ice.


When we arrived home, we worked on baby shower invites – crafting up a storm!  And the results – well, totally adorable.


We whipped up some bean and rice burritos for dinner, and stayed up late chatting and plotting and reminiscing.  I will have known Joy for eight years this summer, and those eight years have seen tremendous change for both of us.  Those years have included times of sorrow and loss and times of immeasurable joy and excitement.  I am very, very grateful to count my Joy as a friend and I am so excited to watch her family grow in the years to come.

I had an early flight the following morning.  Kevin picked me up at the airport, we did our weekly grocery shopping, and napped that afternoon.


Then there was Sunday night dinner with his parents at one of my favorite restaurants, and that was the weekend.

It was a sweet one.

How was your weekend? 



12 thoughts on “Sweekend.

  1. It is I who am the lucky one, my friend! Thank you so much for coming to visit me, helping me find the perfect nursery rug, crafting the most adorable invitations, and being the friend you are. Although I cherish the young, wild times we had together, I also look forward to seeing where our grown up lives take us, knowing that wherever it may be, we will always be the kind of friends that can pick up right where we left off. Love you, girl!
    – Joy

  2. sweekend? let’s add this to urban dictionary – i love it. and your friendship? that’s the best kind – you can not chat for a while and then it feels natural as ever the moment you’re reunited :) did you know i grew up in phoenix? probably not, i suppose, but now you do :)

  3. Phoenix is the place to be this time of year, glad you jetted out there for a girls weekend! The phoenician is a little bit of paradise but I must say I’ve never had their tea. WAIT a minute, I totally thought you were pregnant for a second then… put it all together, DUH Carley. Ha cute invites though!

  4. What a weekend! I bet having tea + sandwiches + scones with glove AND hats on was amazing! And manicures and pedicures. It sounds like such a wonderful weekend. The baby shower invites are soo cute, too!

  5. Those friendships are the best – when you don’t see each other for months, but as soon as you do, it feels like you have never been apart. What a wonderful weekend you had!
    I have never been to tea – that needs to change. Those little sandwiches look divine!

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  7. it looks like you guys had an absolutely wonderful weekend together! Those little baby shower invites are precious! And I love that you guys went to tea together (gloves and all)! Such a fun experience. Also, I LOVE your black dress (shirt?) that you wore to tea! The straps on it are so neat. :)

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