1.  I proudly subscribe to the What Kate Wore blog, allowing me a detailed look at the brands and styles worn by the Duchess of Cambridge.  Obviously I’m in heaven as she is traipsing around New Zealand and Australia for the next few weeks.  I think she’s very classy and I would happily wear her hand-me-downs, if she decides to clean out her closet (I’m sure I’d be the first person she’d call).  And George is adorable, so there’s that.

2.  I am not a morning person.  Back when I had to be at work by 7 each morning, my daily line was, “One more snoooooooze,” to Kevin as the alarm went off.  Now I get to sleep in until 7 every day if I want to, and I must say, I’m a much better person for it.  Everyone wins when I get 9 hours of sleep.

3.  I know A LOT about Grace Kelly.  I’ve seen all her movies (and own them all – in VHS ‘cuz I’m a fan from way-back-when).  I own around five Grace Kelly biographies.  I can tell you her date of birth, her wedding date, the years that most of her movies were released, and all kinds of other trivial facts about Princess Grace.

4.  Have you seen Conspiracy Theory?  You know how the illustrious ‘they’ keep track of Mel Gibson’s character by his purchases of Catcher in the Rye?   My ‘programmed’ activity is watching You’ve Got Mail on TV.  Anytime it airs, I watch it.  It doesn’t matter that I’ve seen it five hundred times.  I watch.

5.  I can pop both of my big toes out of joint.  It’s simultaneously creepy and awesome.

6.  I wear one contact lens, in my left eye.  My right eye has perfect vision, but my left eye has needed a lens since I was in 7th grade.

7.  My bachelors degree is in Hotel and Restaurant Administration.  I chose that major because I loved the Travel Channel, and especially that show, ‘Great Hotels’, where Samantha Brown traveled around the world and enjoyed all the comforts and amenities of these amazing accommodations.  I guess I thought I could have her job if I just had the degree.  Thus far, the Travel Channel hasn’t called.

8.  Despite the fact that I’ve lived in the Southwest for most of my life and have been very exposed to the Spanish language, I discovered that I had more of a knack for Mandarin when I lived in China.  I could hear and pronounce the tones  more easily than I can roll my R’s.

9.  My favorite color is green.

10.  I own eleven pair of boots.  Black dressy heel.  Black dressy wedge. Black casual.  Black (fake) fur-lined.  Black and gold sparkly cowboy.  Brown dressy heel.  Brown casual tall.  Light brown casual tall.  Brown casual ankle.  Brown dressy ankle.  Grey casual.  So obviously they’re very different AND necessary.  I did have red pair as well, but I felt too much like Ted in his red cowboy boots when I wore them (except I’m certain that I was NOT ‘pulling. them. off.’), so I gave them to Lisa.  They look bootiful on her.

Tell me a random fact or ten about YOU. 


10 thoughts on “Ten.

  1. I could only come up with 6.
    1. I watch the Wendy Williams show religiously. Hot Topics-obsessed.
    2. I suffer from insomnia. When I can’t sleep, I organize things. And sometimes wake up my husband. He quietly dismisses me because after five years, he’s used to it.
    3. I have been known to sit in front of my lit magnifying mirror for a looooooong time plucking my eyebrows. It’s one of my lingering weird single behavior things (think Sex in the City).
    4. I drive like a crazy person. Fast and aggressively. This has improved since I am now With Child. I blame it on being impatient.
    5. A nap is not a nap unless it meets a minimum of a two hour requirement. Anything less than two hours is just dozing off. Nap hard people. Life is short.
    6. I wish I were a reader like you. But sadly, within two pages, I fall asleep. Every time.


  2. 11 pairs of boots and only 1 contact? you’ve got yourself some interesting facts. this is, oddly enough, one of the questions i struggle with most… perhaps that i’ve lived in 6 states and 3 countries? or can lots of people say that? i’m not sure – i started college in new orleans on the day hurricane katrina hit?? that one wasn’t so interesting to my classmates who all experienced the same thing…

  3. Mandarin? That is impressive! I have absolutely no talent for Asian languages, I’m sure I couldn’t learn any of them in a million years.
    Your facts are so unique! Eleven pairs of boots is totally legit. I especially love your Ted reference!! His boots were just wrong, in many ways.
    Hmm, random facts about me?
    1. Half the time I don’t wear a bra to work. Scrub top=pyjama top+small boobs = nobody notices. Ahh the freedom!
    2. We have 6 dogs. I think we have an addiction.
    3. I have also lived in 3 countries like @apartmentwife! Germany, Wales, Canada.
    4. I can’t think of any more. How did you manage 10 great facts about yourself?
    This is harder than it looks.

  4. Kate & William will actually be in MEMPHIS next month!! They will be here for a wedding. I am pretty stoked about it! :)

    Whoa! Crazy about the perfect vision in one eye thing. I know some people have better vision in one eye than the other so their lenses are two different prescriptions, but I hadn’t thought about only needing one lens. I love learning new things about you!

  5. I love my red boots and so does everyone else. They actually have a tendency to change shades of red, so of course they are usually a maroon color to be in spirit with Wat-Ta-MU :)

  6. ahhh i read what kate wore, too, and have been dying over her australia dresses!!!! and george!!! oh my goshhh! also… mornings… no. no thank you. i am def still in bed right now.

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