Burpees are the devil.



{Can’t ban these guns.}

Lately, I’ve been working out.

Isn’t it funny when people circle the parking lot at the GYM to strategically place their car in the parking spot that is as close to the front door as possible? Those few extra steps to the back of the lot would be just TOO much after the rigorous workout they are certain to embark upon.  Therefore, they’ll sit in their car for five minutes and wait for a spot to open up.  During peak hours, I park on the street and walk because gym-goers be drivin’ crazy, yo.

I’ve been planking a lot.  One time, I held a plank through an entire commercial break while watching Big Bang Theory and it was the longest commercial break ever.  Seriously.  Like six minutes.  Kevin walked in mid-way through and probably thought I was nuts.  Then even he was shocked by how long the commercial break lasted.

Sometimes I do burpees (worst. word. ever.) during commercial breaks too.  They are effective but so not fun.  And I have this terrible fear that I’m going to fall on my face and chip a tooth when I do them.

My workout routine also includes doing squats  or lunges while I brush my teeth, much to the amusement of the other residents in my household – both human and feline.

I’m working my way up to jogging (really, I’m one cadence faster than walking, so I will not even begin to claim to be ‘running’) a 5K, so I’m bumping up my distance a quarter mile at a time every week and a half or so.  I’m currently at a little over 2.5 miles and it’s feeling pretty good.  I’m slow.  So slow.  But I’m moving.  I have learned that it is so much easier to run jog outside versus on the treadmill.  When the weather is nice, naturally.  If it’s too windy, too cold, too hot, etc., give me the treadmill.  It has been gorgeous recently so I have been hittin’ the pavement.  Kevin and I even ran together this morning.  By ‘together’ I mean he is much faster and was way ahead of me the entire time, but I still consider it a bonding experience.

Do you like to workout?  What is your favorite exercise routine? 


7 thoughts on “Burpees are the devil.

  1. Burpees were what caused the herniated disc in my back a few years ago. Haven’t done one since that time. I refuse. But, as you know, my least favorite activity besides that is a tricep dip. Devil those things are. The devil.

  2. A six minute plank?! Girl, you are a beast! Planks are part of my regular workout routine, but I’ve never held one for six minutes! Also, burpees terrify me for the very reason you mentioned which is why I don’t do them, haha!

    And unrelated… I like your cellphone cover!

  3. Slow and steady wins the race! (well, maybe not literally, but you know…) I haven’t done a burpee since freshman year of high school when they didn’t have such a euphemistic name and were just called “pure, unadulterated torture.” I’m would like to develop a routine…it’s hard! I like the idea of planking during commercials and lunging during teeth brushing. That could work!

  4. I actually hate parking close to ANY destination. There are too many cars, too many people, all of it! SOO I always park far. It does crack me up seeing people wait for front spots at the gym though. I am like COMMON people, we’re here to workout you CAN walk a little further!? GREAT JOB on the running/jogging/whatever you wanna call it, it’s all the same!!

  5. do you know that i’ve never done a burpee or a plank? unreal, right? i tell people this and their eyes go wide and all kinds of surprise crosses their face. maybe it’s time that i start? but also: i know why people park by the door – it’s so you don’t see what a sweaty dripping mess they are when they leave (meeeee)

  6. Oh this had me laughing. burpees are awful! I’m glad you are also a slow “runner” we are in the club together! I literally think I can walk faster than I “run” BUT I’m an idiot and signed up for a half with my sister, so I’d better get to it!

  7. Can you please send me some of your motivation?!? Good job, Amy!!!! I really don’t know how you held a plank that long. I maxed out at 3.5 minutes. You’re amazing! I too noticed that BBT usually has one super long commercial break and then the rest are normal or even short. Odd. You are so brave!

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