The end.

Recently, I’ve found myself at the end.  At the end of Gossip Girl.  At the end of Harry Potter.  At the end of How I Met Your Mother.

{Warning:  This post will include spoilers for all three. Proceed with caution if you don’t know and don’t wanna know the end.  If you’re looking for the deep, meaningful message in all this, well, I don’t really have one.  This is all shallow and shameless rambling.}

There is something about a series that really allows for an attachment to develop between the reader or viewer and the characters.  Their world is our world for a few chapters or seasons.  And inevitably, when it’s over, there is a sense of loss.  Like an old friend moved away and while you know you can visit, it’ll never be the same.

But to put a spin of optimism on the subject:



Gossip Girl.  It’s on Netflix and I’ve watched the entire series by streaming it.  I never saw the show when it was actually on the air.  I love the clothes, the music, the actors and actresses.  I don’t love the endless drama and I think the show needed to end.  After all, there are only so many times that Blair and Chuck and Serena and Dan and Nate and Lily and Rufus and Bart and William and all these nearly identical blonde girls (Ivy, Lola, etc.)  can break up and get back together…be best friends and then be worst enemies.  However, I loved the ending.  I thought GG was Dorota.  And I was in good company.  Even Blair thought it was Dorota.  But I was wrong.  And I love it.  I love that Dan Humphrey literally wrote himself into that Upper Eastside world. I loved that Georgina and Jack Bass hit it off (of course they would – they’re both so deliciously manipulative and lacking in emotion).  I love that Blair and Chuck had a kid and that he was wearing a little bow-tie in the last scene.  I love that Kristen Bell made an appearance…and that wink at the camera at the end of her scene.  Perfect.

Harry Potter.  I’m so glad that I waited to read these books for as long as I did.  I think I appreciated them more as an adult.  They are so good.  I have decided to treat myself to a new Harry Potter hoodie (via Etsy) to both celebrate and mourn the ending of this series.  I sobbed when Dumbledore died, mentally shaking my fist and shouting ‘Crucio!’ {I know it’s an Unforgiveable, but Dumbledore was dead and I was beside myself with anger} at Severus Snape, at the conclusion of book six.  And I picked book seven up trepidatiously because while I wanted to know the end…I didn’t want it to end.  It was sad when Mad Eye Moody was killed (Mundungus is a coward).  I cried when Dobby died.  Poor little loyal house-elf.  And Fred Weasley…that one hurt.  A deceased Snape redeemed himself when Harry dove into his thoughts in the Pensieve.  I cried when Hagrid had to carry a seemingly dead Harry back to Hogwarts.  But it wasn’t all tears.  I love that Ron, Hermione, and Neville all had the pleasure of destroying Horcruxes.  And it was delightful when Molly Weasley finished off the evil Bellatrix.  Now the question is – do I watch the movies?  I have it on good authority – from people who loved the books – that the movies are worth watching.  So I probably will.

How I Met Your Mother.  I liked the ending.  It took me a few days to process it.  But ultimately, I think it gave the show some volume and tied things up nicely.  I really like the actress who played the mother.  We didn’t have much time to get to know her, as viewers, but it was still meaningful.  And then we had six seconds to process her death, so the idea that Ted was actually considering asking Robyn out was shocking.  I had to remind myself that the kids had six years to process the mom dying…so it was really okay.  My biggest pet peeve:  the never-ending, multiple season coverage of Robyn and Barney’s wedding.  It felt like Groundhog Day.  OMdoubleG.  Then they were divorced.  Just like that.  Well, three years to them, but twenty seconds to me, as a viewer.  I was so over their stinking wedding weekend.  And then it was ALL for NOTHING because they got divorced.  Gah.  Overall, a good show.  The final season was by far my least favorite.

Do you want to obsess over GG, HP, or HIMYM with me?  Have you finished any series recently?  Do you have any recommendations for me – what should I dive into next? 


9 thoughts on “The end.

  1. I’m not into any of these BUT I just had to say that I had a mini-heart attack when I read the post title and thought you might be retiring from blogging. I missed several heartbeats and couldn’t breathe for a minute there.

    Normal organ function has resumed. Thank you.

  2. I read the first 3 Harry Potters in middle school and slowly worked my way through the last 4 until high school. I definitely took in different things when I was younger and a little older! I LOVED when Molly finished Bellatrix and cried when Dobby died. I didn’t believe Dumbledore was really dead for a while. I just love the whole series. I think the movies are worth watching. I think it was hard for them to grasp everything that the books offered but it was cool to see how they chose to bring it to life! Fun fact: when I visited California a few years ago I got to see the flying car in person :)

  3. truth be told, i haven’t actually read or watched any of those– i know, i know, they are all pretty popular favorites. maybe i should get into it?? but as for reading, i just started dave eggers The Circle and i’m loving it, and Jon and i have just about finished all 8 seasons of Dexter :)

  4. The Snape/Pensieve thing was my favorite part of HP. I just love the idea of a Pensieve, and I love that it brought the story back to the idea of no individual being completely good or completely bad.

    My all time favorite TV series is Friday Night Lights. I highly recommend it!

  5. I only read 4 of the HP books, but I watched all the movies. I purposely waited to watch the last 4 because I dreaded the fact that they were going to end, and this past Christmas I finally watched them all in order. I felt a piece of my soul die when I finished the last movie. I was so sad…You should definitely watch the movies!

  6. I actually haven’t read or seen any of these series, but I really know the feeling when you get emotionally attached to characters by the time the series ends for good–it’s hard to accept it. I felt that way about The Office, strangely…and I know I’ll feel that way about Once Upon a Time when it does end…

  7. I liked the ending of GG too! I never would have guessed it was Dan, but like you I think it’s so crazy/cool that he wrote himself into the upper East side society!

    As for HP… I cried at all those same places! That series is so amazing. And I definitely think watching the movies is worth it. :)

  8. Can you imagine what it was like finishing book 6 of HH and then having to WAIT A YEAR before finding out why? How in the world could Dumbledore have died??? It was agony.
    I didn’t want to believe it. I thought for sure he would come back, somehow. Or help Harry from his portrait.
    But they are so, so incredibly good. I re-read one or two every year, they never get old.
    The movies are not as good as the books (obviously), but they are decent. Watch them, they are well done.
    Yes to HIMYM,I agree with everything. Especially the never-ending wedding weekend – what up with that?

    I never really watched GG. Maybe I should?

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