Sweekend and recently.

In the battle of sequin shorts versus ball gown, I said yes to the dress.


We started the night with some Mexican food and margaritas and then made our way to the big event.  The gala was a lot of fun.  We enjoyed signature cocktails, cake pops with little vials of liqueur, socializing, and dancing in da club.



We left the boys at home and made it a girls night.  Except for the part where Kevin drove us to the event, and one of the other gal’s husband picked us up and drove us home.  Nice guys.

That was Saturday night.

Friday night was spent in Paris.

imageWell, a Paris themed cocktail party fundraiser for the city museum.  It was so well done.  Very classy and there was an open bar.  (Of course, Kevin and I went wild and each had one drink.  Which meant that we could fully enjoy the drunken, bizarre ramblings of other people at the end of the night.)

We met some friends for brunch on Saturday morning.  Taking advantage of the gorgeous weather, we staked out a table on the patio and enjoyed catching up.

And Sunday I was lazy, lazy, lazy – spending the day with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  I begrudgingly left Harry at home to run to the grocery store mid-day, and then we enjoyed a yummy early-Easter dinner with Kevin’s parents, my great-aunt and great-uncle, and some family friends.

In other recent events, on Monday, April 7, I had a date.  The doorbell rang at around 5:30 PM.  I opened the door to find a very handsome man holding a bouquet of summery flowers.


He took me to dinner at a Thai restaurant.  He ordered mango chicken and I ordered the garlic pork.  Just like we had on our first date – April 7, 2010.


We stopped for ice cream and then he drove me home.  To OUR home.  Our first date was a lot of fun…but we agreed that the fourth anniversary of our first date was even better.

How was your weekend? 


12 thoughts on “Sweekend and recently.

  1. Talk about self-control! Only one drink at an open bar?! Perhaps someday I will switch rolls from the drunken rambler to the sober observer… perhaps. I just ate at that Thai restaurant yesterday and I thought of you and one of my very first sushi experiences. You look spectacular in that dress, by the way! Love you!

  2. Awwww I love that you guys celebrate your dating anniversary as well! It’s such a sweet thing to look back on and remember. It looks like you’ve had a busy, but wonderful week! The shorts looked so great on you, but that dress is just stunning! You pull it off so well! :)

  3. I love it all. The dress, the flowers, the night in Paris, the fourth anniversary! You two are the cutest. But, bring the shorts to AZ. That is all. :)

  4. I love your dress! Sounds like a great, great weekend! :) Happy first date anniversary – what a cute way to celebrate! And then get to go home to your house together :) So sweet!!

  5. Yay for 4 years! You had a spectacular weekend, it included all the essentials – food, friends, drinks, pretty dresses, love and Harry Potter.
    But I have to join everybody else here and ask: Open bar+1 drink? Really? I don’t know if I’m appalled or impressed. A bit of both I think.
    Hope your week can somewhat match that weekend! (Even though we all know that it won’t.)

  6. this post is filled with all sorts of happy things – the galas and the fundraisers and the dream dates — even the reading/lazy breaks :) oooh, and the dress was lovely – a very ‘natalie portman’ pick ;)

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