What to wear – aka: I need your help.

This Saturday, I’m attending a gala.  The theme is “Red Carpet Affair,” and the dress is to be ‘old Hollywood glamour’.  I have two outfit ideas in mind.  And I simply can’t decide which to choose.

First, of course, my sequin shorts.

Because really I’ll use any excuse to pull out the sequin shorts.

Look one:  sequin shorts, white button-up, black tights, silver heels, grey bowtie.


There could be some variations on the sequin short option.  For example, I have black suede wedges and silver tights that could be switched in for the black tights and silver shoes.  I also MAY have access to a black bowtie, but it is still MIA at the moment.  If I manage to get my paws on it before Saturday, it would probably be my preference over the grey bowtie.  So it’s a regular mix-and-match – all centered around the sequin shorts.

PROS – unique and fun.  I’m pretty much guaranteed to be the only gal at the gala in sequin shorts – I like that I’d stand out from the typical ball gowns.

And speaking of ball gowns….

Look two: blue mermaid style gown and TBD shoes.  Maybe the grey heels pictured above, but preferably, my sequin flats. (Note:  if I go this route, I will steam the bottom of the dress, so don’t concern yourself with the wrinkles.)


PROS – safe and classy.  This is probably what the event planners had in mind for attire, and I know it would be a safe look.  Plus I like the dress.

So…what should I wear??  Unique…or safe?  Which direction would you take the look?



17 thoughts on “What to wear – aka: I need your help.

  1. “So don’t concern yourself with the wrinkles.” Love that.

    I vote for the dress. Yes, it’s more mainstream and probably not as much fun as sequins shorts, but it’s just so dang beautiful!

  2. The dress is classy but the shorts are fun. I would say the dress but then again I take any opportunity I can to go all out dressing up. Can’t wait to hear your choice.

    Please excuse typing errors as this message was sent from my iPhone.


  3. I love both! I love the sequined shorts because well…they have sequins on them! But I think I would keep the colors black with black tie, black tights, black heels. And I love the dress…it’s a very red carpet look. Either way you will rock it.

  4. Hmm… I can see how you’re having such a hard time deciding! The dress is definitely the safe route, you’d sure stand out with the shorts outfit though, since everyone else will be wearing dresses. My vote is for the shorts. Can’t wait to see your final look! :D

  5. I love the shorts, and if you do choose those I would vote black tie and black shoes to keep the classic black and white look. Either way you’ll look adorable!

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