Recently on Instagram.

Marching onward through the month of March in the photo-a-day challenge using #fmsphotoaday prompts.  Here are a few of my most favorite-favorites.


Day 1 Prompt:  Yellow


No prompt…just a white cat, cozy fire, and House of Cards season II


Day 5 Prompt:  Something Beginning With i

The iPhone and I.


Day 7 Prompt:  Fly

The flag will fly especially well on windy days.


Day 8 Prompt:  In The Corner

This work of art is entirely made of chocolate.  I set up shop with it in the corner of a ballroom as a chocolate valet for the Chocolate Fantasy gala.


Day 12 Prompt: Partial

I am quite partial to my freshly snipped bangs.


Day 16 Prompt: Beautifully Ordinary.

The fly-over states – beautifully ordinary to many; beautifully extraordinary to me.


Day 19 Prompt:  Cropped

Half a Kiki.  So basically Ki.  Or ki.


Day 21 Prompt: Full

We’re in full bloom, folks.


Day 22 Prompt:  Morning

This particular morning was perfect for brunch.


Day 23 Prompt:  I’m Loving…

Spring flowers!


Day 24 Prompt:  One Of A Kind

A one-of-a-kind kinda view on the drive to work.


Day 25 Prompt: Soft

To paraphrase Sheldon…

Soft Kiki, warm Kiki, little ball of fur.  Happy Kiki, sleepy Kiki, purr purr purr.


Day 26 Prompt: I Am Here

Takin’ on the day with my pink Sperry’s and faithful sidekick.


Day 27 Prompt:  Something I Made

This messy bow bun of a hair-do was made by moi…and set the bar high for further creativity that day.


Day 30 Prompt:  Fast

I’m not.  But I’m grateful for strong lungs and strong legs.

What did you snap photos of in March?  Oh, and do you have any April Fool’s Day pranks planned? 


7 thoughts on “Recently on Instagram.

  1. I LOVE your bangs!! So fresh and wispy which look great on you! In March I snapped a lot of Arizona photos as we were leaving the place.

    No April fools pranks but everyday with my husband is pretty much April fools… He always gets me.

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