Chance of sunshine.

On cloudy days, I tend to reach for the brightest cotton in my closet.

Misc Pictures 030

These yellow pants certainly fit the bill!  They may seem a little dull in these pictures, but let me assure you, in person, it looks a bit like I attacked some denim with a fluorescent highlighter.

Misc Pictures 022

They are so cheerful and sunny.  I really can’t get enough of them.  Do you suppose that brightness comes with Vitamin D?

Misc Pictures 032

On this particular cloudy day, I paired my highlighter pants with a soft, grey sweater.  Serious stripes in the front, silky party in the back.


I also broke out my new black dress boots and some black jewelry.

Misc Pictures 034

I usually feel that I should strike a balance{ing pose} when wearing fluorescent colors.

Misc Pictures 039

My sweater, boots, and jewelry say ‘cloudy day’…but my pants proclaim that there is a very strong chance of sunshine.

Do you wear colored denim?  (I think fashionistas in the know may argue that colored denim is OUT, but I’ve never been one to follow fads too closely.  If I like it, I wear it.) Do you follow fashion fads? What is your favorite thing to wear on a cloudy day?


7 thoughts on “Chance of sunshine.

  1. Stripes and brightly coloured pants? There’s nothing more fabulous!
    Don’t tell me coloured jeans are out?? I’m with you, I’ll wear them anyway.
    You rock that look, I especially love the balancing pose!
    The whole look is amazing.

  2. I’m pretty sure these pants do come with an extra dose of vitamin D! ;) I like your balance of bright and dark together here. And your balancing pose for that matter. Also, I don’t know what the official, official word is on colored jeans, but I know that my super trendy friends are still wearing them so I’m guessing they aren’t out quite yet. ;)

  3. i love a lot of things about this post – the bright denim and the yoga – but i suppose what i like best is that you’re doing yoga while rocking a bright and heeled spring outfit. maybe this is a new thing – fashionable yoga posts? i’d get behind it… :)

  4. Suuupper cute! I love the pants. And that with the stripes is very “in” right now, or so they say. (Let’s be honest. I have no idea what’s actually in.) I have a pair of green pants I rock every now and again. It’s fun :)

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