The time I almost stole a burrito and other random recents.

I decided I wanted a burrito one Friday morning as I drove to work.  There’s this cute little place called ‘The Egg and I’ on my route, so I popped in.  I ordered a burrito to-go and sat down on the wooden bench in the front of the restaurant to wait.  I keep a book in my purse for waiting moments such as these, so I pulled it out (Ella Enchanted – which I’m reading for about the 15th time) and began to read.  Right after Lucinda the fairy gives the gift of everlasting, enduring love to Ella’s father and Madame Olga, a woman brought my to-go box out in a bag, handed it to me, and thanked me.  There was no one else at the front of the restaurant – the hostess had stepped away- and I was caught up in Ella Enchanted-ness, so I gathered my things and skipped through the parking lot to my car.  I climbed in, started it up, and began to drive out of the parking lot.  As I began thinking about the work day ahead of me, I felt something not quite right tugging at the corner of my mind.  It hit me.  I hadn’t paid for my burrito!  I slammed on the brakes, whipped into the closest parking spot, and sprinted back into the restaurant, pulling my wallet out.  “I didn’t pay!!!” I blurted to the hostess, who was just walking back to her station as I burst through the front door.  She laughed, thanked me for being honest, and apologized for having stepped away from the front.

So this confirms – as I suspected when I was making my list of ten things I like about myself – my strong sense of conscience deems me unsuitable for a life of crime.  I can’t even steal a burrito.

As I was driving home from work the other day, I noticed a guy on a motorcycle stopped at the same stoplight as me, a car or two away.  He was riding one of those motorcycles that have the really high handlebars {‘crotch rockets’, I believe they’re called – I’m so street to know this, right?  Wait…are those the ones where the rider is all hunched forward on the bike?  That sounds right….  Well, regardless can we all just agree that ‘crotch rocket’ one of the five WORST phrases in the world?}, so his arms were extended up with his hands resting on the handlebars.  A vulnerable position, really – especially for ticklish people.  A funny thought struck me.  What if someone ran up to him and tickled him?  Wouldn’t that be funny?  Scary – I’m not volunteering to do this – and gross, but funny.  A tough biker guy being tickled as he sits on his bike at a stoplight.  I imagine him laughing like the Pillsbury dough boy, and his tough guy image is sort of ruined.

I know Frozen is like so last month and already ALL over the internet.  But may I just say that I am obsessed with this version of ‘Let It Go’?  I have played it over and over and over.  This girl’s voice is ah-ma-zing.

Speaking of music…guess who is going to see Backstreet Boys with Avril Lavigne in June?  This girl.  I’m pretty excited, and I confess that I am, at this moment, playing the Backstreet Boys Pandora station.

In other news, I don’t really follow the news.  I live in my own little bubble and at any given time, know next to nothing about what is going on in the world.  I told Kevin last week that I would like for him to start preparing a weekly briefing about current events after I was at tea and had no idea that some plane has been missing for two weeks.  He said that he could do that.  The following day, I stumbled across mention of theSkimm in Women’s Health magazine, and it sounded like exactly what I was looking for, so I signed up.  Love.  I now know that Russia is prepping forces to go into another neighboring country, Turkey and Syria are fighting, and the missing plane is still missing.  I feel so worldly.

Do you follow the news?  Have you seen Frozen?  And would you tickle a biker if I dared you? 


11 thoughts on “The time I almost stole a burrito and other random recents.

  1. I would love to go to the backstreet boys and avril lavine! I cracked up at the picture of you tickling a biker (and imagined it would include some of our cousins and could hear us all giggling). Just watched frozen on Friday night-cute one for sure. Love you!


  2. This post made me lol – for real! I’m never going to look at biker dudes the same again. :)

    Oh, and pretty much everything I know about the world comes from The Skimm. Only five minutes a day, and I get the satisfaction of actually having an answer if someone asks me “Hey, what do you think about Russia?” It hasn’t said anything about “Frozen” though, so I’m still mostly in the dark on that.

  3. Oh sister, I had your back on the plane thing. I’ve been obsessed with it since it happened. I mean, seriously, I think I’ve read everything there has been to read. Also, I have realized that I am much more apt to read the news when I am not on Facebook—when I am, I pretty much figure I can get enough to be conversant there!

  4. I watch Jon Stewart for my news, but I may have to check out theSkimm. My boss is an attorney with strong political beliefs, so he expects us to know at the very least the major news points of the day. It’s his way of connecting.

    Also, I have yet to see Frozen, but that song is in my head frequently.

    Loved the stream of consciousness blog!

  5. Aww, I love the book Ella Enchanted! Such a great story! I can see how you’d get so caught up in it that you’d forget to pay for the burrito. But like you, I would’ve dashed back there in a tizzy to be sure I made it right, haha!

    Ahahahahahaha oh my goodness, I love the thought of running up to a big tough biker and tickling him while he sits at a light! You crack me up, Amy!

    I’m jealous that you get to see BSB and Avril! Man, that takes me back! You are going to have a great time at that concert!

    I definitely follow the news. I watch the Today Show in the morning just to keep up with the trending what’s-going-on stuff and I watch Jon Stewart’s segments on Hulu because he is one of the most balanced “news” sources I’ve seen. He kind of makes fun of everyone, haha! He lines up more with what I think so I appreciate that about him.

  6. Ape-Hangers. That’s what those motorcycles are called… or that’s what I’ve always called them. And people who actually own crotch rockets get pissed when you called them crotch rockets. They are actually supposed to be called “Sports Bikes” but I will continue to call them crotch rockets until the day I die…because it’s funny.

  7. Tickling a biker… I just started cracking up at that! Love it. I agree that crotch rocket is such a terrible word hahah. And yay for Avril and the Backstreet Boys! So much amazingness right there!

  8. I have seen Frozen, and it was pretty good. I think that the major attention it has received made me expect even more… Don’t get me wrong, it was really cute! But the music still wasn’t was good as some of the classics like Beauty and the Best or The Little Mermaid.
    That burrito story is TOO funny! Nate almost did a similar thing the other day, except with jelly beans. We were walking around the store, and the next thing I know, he’s absent-mindedly stuffing his bag of jelly beans (not yet purchased) into his jacket pocket. I shrieked, “What are you doing??” and his eyes got all big and he got all embarrassed. And then we just started to laugh hysterically. Guess that happens when you have too much on your mind. Ha, ha!!

  9. So far, I have successfully avoided hearing more than ten seconds of both Let It Go and Pharrell’s Happy song. Score!

    Also, tell me about this burrito… breakfast? What was in it??

  10. hehe, i would love to spend a day running around and listening to your quirky thoughts on passerby- the motorcycle bit is just too funny :) and i never seem to know what’s going on in the news- jon gives me highlights sometimes, but when it comes to pop culture, we’re pretty in the dark…

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