It’s here.  The calendar says so.  And the calendar never lies.  The weather, well, sometimes it is mean and deceitful.  It snickers as it deals out a snow storm.  It points and laughs as the icy rain beats down.  It smiles its most charming smile to your face with a full day of glorious sunshine…and then it proves itself two-faced when that sunshine is accompanied by 30 mph winds.

But the calendar – the calendar says, “It is spring!” and I will keep chanting that to myself and beautiful spring weather will follow.  There will be some nice, warm spring rains to temper the dust that has literally been hanging in the air, obscuring the mountains from view.  There will be sunshine and flowers and plenty of Vitamin D.  The power of positive thinking, folks.

I cannot complain about winter 2013/2014.  It was mild, first of all.  And it was so filled with warmth and love and wonderful things that I dare say I would have nothing to complain about even if it had been a bitterly cold winter.

  • Thanksgiving at home with a large extended family.
  • Broncos game in Denver to celebrate Kevin’s birthday
  • Christmas parties galore
  • Christmas at home with family
  • Kiki, Flo, and Bailey were all their sweetest selves.  And Molly too – even though I don’t have any pictures of her.
  • Pizza and football on New Year’s Day.
  • Birthday fun and CAKE
  • Friends and brunch and friends and lunch and friends and dinner.
  • Breakfast with the crew.
  • Hot tea – with lots of sugar
  • Books – reading is the perfect winter activity.
  • Fireplaces and cozy socks and sweaters complement reading.
  • Circus with framily (family who are friends = framily – no matter what spell check thinks)
  • Romantic Valentine’s day dinner at home with the husband (newlyweds still!)
  • Reunions with friends – and red velvet cake
  • New job – tears for the old and excitement for the new.
  • Journaling
  • House of Cards obsession
  • New haircut
  • Denver trip to see Jim G. and relax with the Kev-ster

It was grand…grand indeed.

How was your winter?  Tell me a highlight or two or ten!  Are you excited for spring? 


7 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. Spring schming. Send it back!!! :-P

    I LOVED this Winter because we got so many snow storms and got the most snow we’ve had in yyyears. Plus I had that little trip to France :)

    I’m happy that you’re happy about Spring even though I’m not happy about Spring. Make sense? ha.

  2. Aww, I love this. I am so not a winter fan, but if I take a minute to look back over some of the amazing things that have happened even since Christmas ended… well, I can see that it has been a good and adventurous winter despite the miserable cold. :)

  3. Your winter sounds fantastic! You have definitely kept busy. I feel like we didn’t have any big highlights… oh wait, we did get the puppy! Best part of the winter.
    Keep thinking positive thoughts, the rain will come! Everything will be clean and fresh and sparkly. Oh spring, we love thee!

  4. I am SOoooo EXCITED for spring! In fact, I was working on a spring post for my blog, so I think we’re on the same wavelength right now. ;) This winter was good, but it was the coldest winter in a long time. So I’m definitely ready for some warm sunshine!!

  5. “And it was so filled with warmth and love and wonderful things that I dare say I would have nothing to complain about even if it had been a bitterly cold winter.” – i can relate. apparently it was minnesota’s worst winter in 34 years, and since it’s my first winter here, people keep telling me how unfortunate it was for me to move here now.. but i don’t really see the fuss? it was cold, yes, but it was also filled with happy moments and friends and lots of lasting memories. i’ll take it :) ps- i think our dogs look super similar — is it a cockapoo? oh, and i forgot to tell you – i’m an ENFJ :)

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