10 things I like about moi.

I respect humility, and, not to pat myself on the back or anything but…, I’m pretty humble.  {Contradiction much?}

Seriously though…I don’t particularly like to talk about myself, and when I do, Brian Regan usually starts playing in the back of my head – ‘Beware of the me monster.  Me, me, meeeeeeeee…’.

So when I set out to read posts by some of my favorite bloggers – like Amanda and Miriam – detailing 10 things that they like about themselves, my immediate thought was, “I could NEVER post something like that.”  But I read their words and the words of Christy {who is hosting this link up}, and I was struck by the awesome points that they make about WHY they were inspired to write those posts.

We’re taught to not brag, and that’s okay.  But many of us take it a step too far – we hardly even know how to accept compliments, which in itself can be offensive.

Compliment:  Your eye makeup looks great today!  My response: I think I just got lucky – makeup is NOT my thing.

Compliment:  I love your bangs!  My response: We’ll see how long they last – I can never keep up with them and usually grow them out right away.

Compliment:  Thanks for listening – I appreciate your support.  My response:  Oh, nothing to thank me for – I didn’t do anything.

Why can’t I just smile, say thanks, and shut up?

It is okay to be proud of myself.  It is healthy to value characteristics that make me who I am and I should avoid downplaying them.  I should think positive thoughts about myself and I, above all others, should recognize and cultivate my strengths.  There’s a difference between confidence and conceit, and being the former is a good thing.

This blog has actually really helped me grow in this area.  Jenny wrote a really great post about how blogging is not narcissistic.  I call it to mind whenever the little negative germ inside my head plants the idea that it’s silly to write about me…me…me.

In a salute to confidence, here are 10 things I like about myself.


1) I am humble.  As we already discussed at the beginning of this post.  Moving on.  To nine more lovely things about ME.

2) Because I don’t talk about myself too extensively, I listen a lot.  I like listening and I’m a good listener.  I maintain eye contact but not a creepy, no-blinking kind of eye contact.  There is a normal and healthy number of blinks per minute.  I make appropriate head and hand gestures and remarks as needed.  I ask questions and gauge conversations well.

3) I’m very good at saving money.  I come by this naturally – both my mom and my dad are/were excellent savers.

4) I recharge when I am alone, and I don’t mind doing things by myself.  Movies, restaurants, shopping…I’m just fine with being my sole companion.

5) I’m very organized.  I can’t concentrate in a chaotic environment, so my space is always organized.

6) I’m low maintenance.  I don’t have to put on makeup before leaving the house.  I don’t need designer clothes.  I don’t need constant reassurance from others to physically, mentally, and emotionally feel good about myself.

7) I photograph well…and don’t care if I take a bad photo.  I don’t shy away from being in pictures, I don’t untag myself on Facebook if I don’t look just right, and I’m okay with letting my quirky side show.  I’m secure in my selfie-self.  I use the self-timer on my camera in my backyard and in public places (like bookstores) to take photos of my outfits.  I’m sure my neighbors get a real kick out of watching me make faces and fake laugh.  So I guess I’m an entertainer too.  Who knew?

8) I honor my commitments.  Therefore, I am careful to not overcommit.  This is a characteristic of the ‘right people’ to hire according to Jim Collins and something I wholeheartedly support personally as well.  If I say I’m going to do something, I follow through.  An added benefit for this is that I am very rarely stressed by a too-busy schedule.  My dance card is full, but on MY terms.  It’s manageable and does not wear on me.

9) I have a very strong sense of conscience.  That makes me avoid lying and breaking laws.  It’s selfish really – I can hardly stand to be around myself if I do something that weighs on my conscience.

10) I’m sensitive.  This has been known to lead to crying during Subaru commercials.  I like that I feel deeply and that I am able to express an empathetic connection to people, pets, and stories, whether it be in person or through a media such as books and television.

What do you like about yourself? 


13 thoughts on “10 things I like about moi.

  1. And this is why we were always meant to be friends. :)

    First of all, I am with you on not being good at taking compliments. I have really tried to work on that over the past couple of years. Like you said: smile, say thank you, and shut up. :) I’m getting better at it.

    I love how you describe your listening skills. When I was working on my master’s in counseling, I learned that I already had natural listening skills. We learned a lot about body language and such. Anyway, at some point in my life I had learned the “right” way to do it. So that always got me bonus points in practice sessions (yes, we really had to do practice sessions where someone was watching you the whole time critiquing your body posture and responses).

    Both of my parents were savers and insisted we all learn about money from a young age. I have always been a good saver. Christopher’s parents weren’t good savers so he didn’t learn it growing up, but his degree is in accounting so he learned all about finances in college. Both of us are big on the saving front. :)

    I, too, am very organized. One thing I’ve learned from Christopher over the years is to add some flexibility to my organization and planning. I’m definitely still learning, but it is great to have moments in time when not everything is structured, organized, and/or planned out. :)

    I am with you on being low maintenance. In college I really was the girl who rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth, grabbed my backpack and walked out the door. I wore sweats to class more often than I should admit, ha! I’m actually a little higher maintenance now (at least comparatively). Most days I’m all about the comfy clothes and ponytail, but on the weekends I usually do my hair and don some makeup. It’s nice to piece together an outfit and look nice. For example, right now I’m wearing a cute striped top with black yoga pants (because when you’re a nanny, no one cares what you wear, ha!). After I get off work I’m headed straight to the gym, then home for a quick shower, and a cute outfit before church tonight.

    I am a little bit of your #8 and all of your #9. I definitely always honor my commitments, but I’m still bad about overcommitting. Christopher and I both have learned this about ourselves. It’s so hard to turn down an opportunity to serve others so every time something new comes up at church we find ourselves grappling with whether or not we have space in our schedule to add it. We have really gotten better (or at least more aware) of this in the last year! So that’s progress. And definitely have a very strong sense of conscience! I have the hardest time passing up trash on the sidewalk or a hanger on the floor in a department store. I know it wasn’t me that put it there, but I still feel like it’s the right thing to do, to pick it up. And obviously this goes hand-in-hand with following all laws, and rules, and even general suggestions, haha!

    And I am 100% with you on #10. I like to think of it as empathy. My family called it “super sensitive” when I was growing up which sort of has a negative connotation to me now. Did you read that article on Huffington Post about highly sensitive people? It wasn’t all true for me, but a lot of it was.

    You know what’s not true at all of me? #4. I am not #4. At all. I can be by myself in private, but I can’t go out to eat by myself or go to a movie by myself. I’ve actually never done either of those things. I think that growing up in a big family, I always felt like those were communal things so it’s weird for me to do them alone.

    Okay, so I think this comment was as long as your post, but now you can see what I meant about how many of these things I could also say about myself! :)

  2. I just started reading all these posts and I am loving it! You’re right – we don’t need to brag but it’s good to be to take a compliment when they come! It’s funny how an excuse always comes to mind before a simple “thank you”. Definitely something I’m working on. I also value being a good listener and keeping commitments! Now I could be better at saving… :)

  3. I feel like I was reading this about myself because I would have written so many of the same things! I can NOT take a compliment either dang it. Haha. We are just meant to be friends…organized, listeners, good at honoring commitments, big time aware of our conscience. You forgot to say how beautiful, sweet and caring you were though. Oh and that you take good care of animals…another important quality. :)

  4. Thanks for the shoutout!
    I love that you participated, doesn’t it feel good? Nothing to do with bragging, just acknowledging one’s positive qualities.
    Your list is so inspiring! I especially love that you like your selfie-self (they should include this as a new word into the dictionary!), and that you take pictures in public places! I want to, but for the life of me I’m feeling too self-conscious. Need to work on that.
    Being low maintenance is awesome (I hate high-maintenance people), and so is being comfortable enough with yourself to do things alone.
    What a wonderful list Amy!

  5. I love how everyone is posting about their positives – I think we’re too often told not to ‘brag’ and so when we speak about ourselves at all, it’s usually to point out an area or two that needs work. but what about all the areas that are pretty good already? time to let them shine :)

    have you read the book quiet? i think you would really like it. the author, susan cain talks about the nature of introverts and all the positive benefits that go along with the personality type (like being a good listener, being sensitive and having a strong sense of conscience). on a similar note… i wonder how you would myer briggs? i bet we’d score similarly in a lot of areas :)

  6. I love this list! And I like the points you made about how so many of us cannot handle a compliment without trying to deflect it or rationalize it somehow. Sometimes I feel like I’m being haughty if someone compliments me and I just smile and say, “Thanks!” But it’s OKAY. :-)

    On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 2:12 PM, A Desert Girl

  7. I’m the SAME way! When someone compliments me, I have a hard time saying “thank you” and accepting it. You are SO right in that sometimes we take humility too far and forget that it’s okay to be proud of who we are! :)
    I absolutely loved your points! I also especially appreciated # 7. Ha, ha. I’m the same way. If it’s a fun photo, I’m all for it, even if it might not be 100% flattering. I don’t mind letting my quirky side show either. So that’s just another thing I absolutely love about you!
    But you forgot to add one point… You are also one of the most awesome bloggy friends ever! :)

  8. This is awesome! I think #8 is especially awesome. Sometimes I have a hard time following through with things I schedule, so I can really, really appreciate this quality in others!

  9. Subaru commercials…are hands down THE BEST commercials..ever. I am so in love with the newer one about the dad and daughter changing the tire. IT TUGS AT MY HEART! I admire your ability to not care about your photos..that’s a big deal!! I need to work on that! :)

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