It was one of those weekends.  The kind that turn Monday into an especially difficult pill to swallow.  The kind that was long and leisurely and filled to the brim with good food, good times, and good people.  Or, in this particular case, good person.

I can sum it up in a few words:  food, bookstores, nap, reading, comedy, gym, food, bookstores, nap,  reading, food, bookstores, nap, food, reading.

We are wild.

Kevin and I flew to Denver on Thursday morning and had the best weekend in the Mile High city.  For my birthday, he bought us tickets to a Jim Gaffigan performance.  Which means that I have been anxiously counting down the days from January 4 (birthday) to March 13 (Jim G. time).  But before show time, there were burgers and amazing seasoned fries at the Cherry Cricket, a stop in at our favorite bookshop (The Hermitage in Cherry Creek), a nap, some reading, and hot beverages at a little coffee shop near the theatre.




Jim was hilarious.  Of course.  He delivered material that we had never heard and topped it all off with a trip down Hot Pockets lane.  Perfection.

Friday morning we managed to make it to the gym and then headed to Wash Park Grill where I ate the MOST amazing hot pressed turkey sandwich in the world.  And that was without cheese.  The only fair thing to do really is to go back after Lent and see if a slice of Swiss can improve on perfection.  After our lunch (taken on the outdoor patio in PERFECT weather, I might add), we walked around Wash Park – enjoying the fresh air, the activity of those around us, and a nice chat.


The remainder of the afternoon included a trip to the Highland Park area, a terrifying meander through a chaotic bookstore (book avalanches waiting to happen!), a nap, and some more reading.  {Can you even handle all this crazy?}

Dinner was at The Chophouse.



The Cesear salad, the onion soup, the green chile cornbread, the prime rib, the white cheddar mashed potatoes, the loaded baked potato (hold the cheese, of course), the Delmonico steak….  We were simply gluttonous.  And I’d do it again.  A trip to Bonnie Brae ice cream took it to the next level for Kevin.


Saturday morning we braved the cold (seriously – it was like a whole different part of the planet compared to the day before) to venture downtown.  The Tattered Cover is a wonderful bookstore and I managed to find a book or two that I NEEDED.  Then we headed back to Cherry Creek and stopped in at Hillstone for lunch.  Guess what came next.  You’ll never guess.

We went back to The Hermitage so Kevin could get a couple of books that he had scouted two days prior.  While he debated which books to buy, I utilized the self-timer app on my phone {heart it} to document my cool cat shirt.


Then we walked down the street to our Starbucks for some hot drinks and a little reading time.


Back to the condo for a nap and more reading.  And we ordered in Little Ollie’s Chinese for dinner.


Our flight left the next day at noon, and we were home with the Kiki and Flo by 2:00 PM.  Just enough time to unpack and have a little nap before dinner at a Mexican favorite with K’s parents.

Today – Monday – I am fighting a headache and can’t decide if it can be attributed to:

a) punishment for all the food;

b) I didn’t get my nap this afternoon;

c) Kevin withdrawals.

I love that I have found the perfect person to go on adventures with – especially since he considers food, bookstores, naps, and reading to be adventures too.

What is your favorite kind of adventure?  Who is your favorite person to adventure with?


10 thoughts on “Sweekend.

  1. D’aaaWwwwwWWW what a wonderful getaway together!! That cat shirt is SO you..I LOVE IT! HAHA. This sounds like my kind of weekend..travel, COFFEE, gym, DINNER..YES!

  2. This just makes me happy because it is so….well, you. It’s so you. Also, this further convinces me that you guys need a trip to Europe. Seriously, your love of coffee and books is made for a European vacation. (Okay, see I feel like I should use “an” there because European starts with a vowel, but “an European vacation” cannot be right. What the heck?)

    Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 23:24:49 +0000 To: tiffy83@hotmail.com

  3. You two are downright adorable. I can’t get over that. I also can’t get over my love for your bangs! Seriously! It’s like a whole new Amy that was waiting to be released! Sexy, chic, mature. I hope you love them too!

    This is going to sound sad… in almost four years, I have only been on two solo getaways with just John and me, and one of them was so early in our relationship (and we stayed with my Dad) that I’m not sure it counts. All the rest of our adventures were with an adorable little redhead in tow. Neither one is perfect. When we’re solo, we miss J-slice. When we’re all together, it’s awesome, but it’d be cool to get a little alone time to reconnect as well. BUT! Some of the adventures the three of us have gone on have been so incredible, I really can’t complain at all. We love traveling!

    Our favorite kind of adventure… I’m not sure we discriminate except we’re not big on camping. We like going to new places and being tourists, we like doing outdoor adventure things like ropes courses and hiking, and we loooove eating out, especially Chinese, Japanese, and Thai. YUM! What’s your favorite go-to cuisine?

  4. You have bangs!!! And I love them!!! Do you know what would make your Mondays better? Me. Too bad you decided to leave… I think it’s awesome that you and your husband read together. A week ago Bobby picked up his first book in probably 10 years and he loves it. Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. He talks about it ALL the time. I still think he should read The Hunger Games but this is a good start and your mom would be so proud. You look like your mom with those bangs by the way. Love you!! See you tomorrow!!

  5. This entire weekend, every bit of it, is pretty much my ideal weekend. My husband and I love Jim Gaffigan, and used book stores (I love coffee, he loves tea…). You have a great writing style, and I definitely lived vicariously through this post this morning. And now back to the reality that I am about to go to work….but aren’t these breaks from real life so refreshing?

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