Money isn’t everything.

Just ask my two cats.

My frugal side is embarrassed to admit that Kevin and I paid about $20 for this scratch-and-massage cardboard box a few years ago.


This is going to be worth every penny because the cats will love it, we said.  They’ll probably claw it up within days, we said.

We plopped it down expectantly next to their structure, and waited excitedly for them fall in love with the pretty purple box that had specially formed grooves for them to scratch and stretch themselves upon.  Flo, being the adventurer that she is, marched right up to the box.  She sniffed it, rubbed her sweet little white cheek against one corner…and promptly turned away.  I don’t think that she has gone near the box since that first encounter.

Kiki, cautious girl that she is, waited for the background check to come in for this new, unidentified object in her house.  Once it received the all clear, she crept up to it…slowly…carefully…quietly.  She sniffed it.  She pawed at the corner.  She even stepped inside the box.  But it didn’t keep her attention and it sits lonely and pristine in a dark corner of the bedroom.

However, the random box we scored for FREE (with the purchase of bulk goods) on a recent trip to Costco…now that’s a successful cat trap.  Every day without fail, Kiki hops her fluffly little butt into this box and lovingly rubs her cheek against the corner.  She hunkers down and sits, comfy as can be, with her tail twitching and her eyes lazily blinking.


And the love of random boxes doesn’t stop there. Flo was obsessed with an empty food processor box. We left it in the corner of our kitchen for months, just because she liked it so much.  I received a cardboard box of childhood pictures from my great uncle and Flo took her claws to it immediately. The photos survived; the box did not. And the cat looked quite content with a job well done.

Livin’ on love. And free boxes.

Do your pets and/or kids prefer the expensive toys or the packaging?  And you – are you satisfied with the simple things in life or do you like the fancy gadgets and such?


6 thoughts on “Money isn’t everything.

  1. Funnily enough, Oreo also loves cardboard boxes. He likes to curl up and sleep in them. Why? I don’t know, haha! We kept one giant cardboard box for months just because he liked to sleep in it so much. It was his bed forever. That’s actually why Christopher built him a bed for Christmas several years ago. He loves that bed. I think our dog thinks he’s human, ha!

  2. What a claw to the face! This is why I love cats though – they have this attitude of “I do what I want, human!”

    Did you try putting catnip or a toy or something in the scratch box?

    My cats, sadly, like expensive things. They claw up rugs and couches. Ugh. Occasionally they’ll use their actual scratching device but they much prefer things that irritate me.

  3. My dog jumped into a cardboard box when we were moving, but I think that was just to make sure we didn’t leave her. Other than that, I think she and my other dog are pretty apathetic about them. However, I know lots of mommy friends who have entertained their kids with a good box or two.

  4. We NEVER buy the Fonz toys anymore, because he never plays with them…they just sit in this sad toy graveyard in the corner of our living room collecting dust. He much prefers random trash, like those little plastic rings that come on soda bottles or water bottles (or the empty bottle, when we’re finished with it). Interestingly enough, the one store-bought item that he really loves is his scratching post. We had his front claws removed a few years ago because he simply would not stop scratching us and the furniture, and I was going to throw out his scratching post, but I saved it because he still loves it. He pretends to scratch on it, he rubs his face on it, and he lays on it with his paws wrapped around the post like it’s a giant teddy bear that he’s snuggling! Cats are so funny….

  5. My cats are the SAME way! I always ask Nate, “Why are we paying for their toys?” Ha, ha. My cats live for free cardboard boxes, milk gallon caps, tie-wraps, and shoelaces!

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