Suspenders and berets.

I can’t be the only one in the world who sometimes finds themselves in a what-to-wear rut.  It’s the oldest tale in the book really – a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.

I confess that I tend to forget about the power of accessories.  A simple necklace or scarf or belt can transform an outfit within seconds, and I am committed to reintroducing fun accessories for everyday wear.

Sometimes, the accessory can be the centerpiece of an outfit.  Especially if said accessory is a pair of suspenders and/or a beret.


This is my “Oui, oui Pearis” shirt.  Which I love.  I own three or four dorky shirts such as this one and they’re some of my favorite scraps of cotton to pull out when my wardrobe needs some inspiration.


In case you can’t tell, the gentleman pear is wearing a beret too.  Twinkies.

Suspenders really add a touch of class.  They say, “I’m dapper. And my pants won’t be falling down today.”



I think the only thing left to do is dine al fresco at a Parisian (or Pear-isan?) café and smoke a pipe.  ‘Tis the rule for all who sport a beret-and-suspenders look.


Would you wear suspenders?  What is your favorite way to accessorize? 


12 thoughts on “Suspenders and berets.

  1. Awwww, I’m loving the French look you’re pulling off here! Aren’t accessories so much fun?? I absolutely love your T-shirt…AND I want those shoes! :) Oh, who am I kidding, I love the entire outfit! :)

  2. What a crazy outfit! I love it! I recently thought about wearing suspenders (borrowing them from my husband, actually) for purely practical reasons. A couple of pairs of my maternity pants don’t have the full over-the-belly panel to hold them up…they just have a short elastic waist that sits below my belly. And I feel like I’m tugging them up all day to keep them from falling! But in the end, I wasn’t sure if I could pull of pregnant belly AND suspenders. :-P

  3. “i’m dapper, and my pants won’t be falling down today.” hehe, you made me laugh out loud :) i’m actually all about accessories – i like staples/neutrals and so i have to pick a scarf or a scarf (okay, it’s cold, so i’m really just about scarves) to change the outfit up a bit :)

  4. You DO look dapper! I love this! I am terrible about remembering to accessorize! You’re right about how it changes up a whole outfit! Also, I love that you say “twinkies”! People make fun of me for saying that because they say it’s supposed to be “twinsies” but I always grew up hearing “twinkies”! So now I use them interchangeably, but seldom hear other people say “twinkies” anymore. Makes me smile to see that!

  5. Cute outfit! The closest thing to suspenders I have are overalls (cause the straps go over the shoulders, so it is kinda the same?). However, somewhere in my closet, I know i have a beret!

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