Recently on Instagram.

February brought 28 prompts from #FMSPhotoaday.  Here are a few of my favorite shots – prompted and shot on a whim.


Day 1 Prompt:  You.


Day 2 Prompt:  Favorite. 

As in, my favorite NFL team.  Unfortunately for them, my cute, sparkly shirt was one of the few highlights of the Super Bowl.  Haters gonna hate, yo.  I’m still a fan.


Day 6 Prompt:  C is for…

Comfort chow in cold conditions – chicken pot pie and cornbread.  Alliteration, anybody?


Day 8 Prompt:  Water.

Kiki – belly up to the water bar.


Day 10 Prompt:  I am…

Walking on sparkles.  These are my wedding shoes and I love them.


No prompt.  Just a cozy shot from a romantic Valentine’s dinner at home.


Day 19 Prompt:  Feet.

Two shots of my fashionably clad feet in one month?  You. are. welcome.


Day 21 Prompt:  Funny.

This caricature sketch of the Kev-ster and me provides a little comic relief.


Day 22 Prompt:  An Act of Kindness.

My sweet sister was kind enough to stay at Casa de Amy y Kevin when she passed through town on 2/22.


Day 23 Prompt:  This Is Where I Relax.


Day 24 Prompt:  Half.

He’s my better one.


Day 26 Prompt: Light.

Grow toward it.

A photo a day continues – onward through March and beyond on Instagram!  Find me at amy_adesertgirl.

What have you been photographing recently? 


10 thoughts on “Recently on Instagram.

  1. The Valentines one is so cute! Your cat obviously LOVES you to just be chilling while you eat. Your sister has the same smile as you :)

  2. I think my favorite of yours last month was the cocktails, but these are all wonderful and your kitties are adorbs. I failed pretty hard at the challenge myself. Someday! :)

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