Hello, goodbye.

I’m linking up again with the sweet and lovely Allison over at Nestful of Love for a little Hello, Goodbye update. 


Hello March, goodbye February.  Is it just me, or is the transition from February to March fraught with limbo-ness?  The new year is growing distant in the rear view mirror, so the excitement of resolutions and the remorse of holiday binge eating has passed.  It’s still winter and everyone is just kind of OVER it. 

BUT…the days and nights are getting warmer, so goodbye COLD (except for that last little freeze that inevitably happens each March).  Hello blossoms – they appeared overnight on some of the early blooming trees. 

And hellllloooo wind.  It kicks up every year around this time, and inevitably, a girl winds up sporting the windblown look.


Hello Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  Goodbye Devil in the White City. 

Hello Jim Gaffigan!  Our trip to Denver is in two weeks and I am ready for some laughs. 

Hello House of Cards.  We’re on Season 2, Episode 3 and wooooow.  When Kevin Spacey looks right into the camera with that knowing, cold/bored/annoyed/evil glean in his eye, I feel like he’s looking right at me and I want to yell, “No, Francis Underwood!  I will not fall prey to your political games.”  And the fact that I want to talk to a fictional character from where I sit on my comfy couch, miles from DC, means that perhaps I have already have fallen prey.  Or, at a minimum, gone crazy. 

Hello Lent, goodbye…something. I’m deciding what to give up. Soda? Sweets? Cheese?

Hello Girl Scout cookies.  Thin Mints are my fav.

What are you saying hello and goodbye to as March marches into 2014?  What’s your Girl Scout cookie of choice? 


15 thoughts on “Hello, goodbye.

  1. Samoas are not safe in my presence. I could literally eat them by the boxful, multiple boxes a day if I let myself. They are that good to me. Hello corned beef and cabbage! Hello flying kites. Goodbye lazy mornings where I can use “It’s too cold” as an excuse to not take the kids to the park.

  2. Ahh yes girl scout cookies!!! I gave my cousin a hefty order, now to just avoid them during Lent since I am giving up unhealthy eating. We are supposed to be getting a lot more snow tonight through Monday afternoon, I really hope it is our last!!!

  3. My husband works for the girl scouts and thus I feel obligated to buy a box from each girl I come across. Also, I have yet to watch House of Cards.

  4. I’m a thin mints girl all the way! :) And I’ve heard so much about House of Cards. That might have to be our next series! Enjoy what’s left of your weekend Amy! Thanks for linking up!!!

  5. can we hang out please? i just wanna watch jim gaffigan and other comedians (ellen is hilarious on the oscars right now) and eat thin mints (and samoas too- so so good). cookies and comedy is a pretty dynamic duo :)

  6. I don’t know how I’ve just now tried Samoas for the first time, but my husband brought home a box and they are delicious! I guess I’ve been a Thin-Mint-Only girl for too long…

  7. It really does seem like the beginning of the year is really flying by! I have a feeling this whole year will be like that. I’ve heard so many good things about House of Cards. I’m going to have to start watching it!

  8. Thin mints for the WIN! I am so jealous that things are blooming by you. We still have three inches of snow on the ground in Pittsburgh and the high today was 19. I think we are going to get a heat wave this weekend…. 40 degrees haha!! I love this post that you do each month!

  9. Love traveling for events! Dislike March. Winter goes bye bye in March :(

    When it comes to Girl Scout cookies, I don’t discriminate. Do you put your thin mints in anything? ice cream, milkshakes, grilled cheese?

  10. Hello hubby (he’s back!), goodbye snow. Hopefully for good.
    Definitely Thin Mints. They are devilishly good. It’s impossible not to eat a sleeve in one sitting.

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