A bad rap.

Valentine’s Day kinda has one.

{But before we get into that — I just Googled “is it bad rap or bad rep” because rep – reputation made short – seems like the more logical choice, but I was certain that I’ve heard and seen rap, not rep, in the past.  And it’s true. Bad rap is the common, socially accepted slang.  In case you were wondering, it stems from the gangster terms during Prohibition.  If someone had a “bad rap”, there was a false charge on their rap sheet/criminal record. And scene.}


Some people genuinely love V-Day in all its candy-heart-chocolate-flowers-teddy-bear-holding-a-red-heart-that-says-Be-Mine-Hallmark-card glory but I’d argue the vast majority fall into one of the following categories:

a) Hate it (this includes the people who only pretend to hate it because they’d rather pretend to hate it than pretend to love it)

b) Play along with the expectations for the day, and like it fine…but really it’s just a day

I genuinely like strolling the aisles of Wal-Greens or Target, perusing the options, and picking out a card for Kevin (we each always choose the ones with the kids – usually dressed in old fashioned clothes – canoodling on the front).  I look forward to my trip to Starbucks, where I buy a pound of Casi Cielo (his favorite), ground for a number four filter.  And I like buying a box of Hot Tamales – because they’re suited for the holiday and one of his favorite candies.  I package these items carefully in a red gift bag and tuck it away until our traditional Valentine’s Day dinner at home.  Chicken Parmesan, fresh pasta, from-scratch pesto, Caprese salad, a fancy Moscato, and tiramisu for dessert.  This what was Kevin so sweetly and carefully prepared for our first Valentine’s Day and what he has cooked on each that followed.  One of my favorite meals and it really tempts me to declare myself one of those people who genuinely love Valentine’s Day – if just for the food and the company.  I like receiving flowers at work and enjoying them for days to come, or a little gift to remind me of a person I love.

On the less romantic side, I like choosing special cards for my mom and sister, and sometimes a few friends.  {I have also LOVED receiving homemade cards this year from a few crafty-McCrafterson’s like Allison and Leann.  And Kiki was especially fond of the Valentine’s Day card my mom sent to her and Flo.}


Maybe it has a bad rap (or rep), but I like Valentines Day. And I love the people in my life.  I’m grateful that February 14 is just one day of 365 in a year that can be packed to the brim of the 24th hour with love.

Here’s to you and yours – today and every day!

Where does your opinion of Valentine’s Day fall on the hate it to love it spectrum?  Do you have any Valentine’s Day traditions?


7 thoughts on “A bad rap.

  1. I get Miguel toys for Valentine’s day. Last year he got Nerf guns. This year he got water guns. Last year I got nothing. This year I again got nothing. My boy is not very romantic…

  2. How did I miss this post?! I was just scrolling through some of your recent posts (looking for the ones on China) and I saw this one! I’m not sure how I didn’t see it in my Google Reader. Anyway, to answer your question I definitely was anti-Valentine’s day when Christopher and I first started dating. I was also against him giving me flowers (because they die and that’s sad) or opening my door (because I can do it myself thankyouverymuch). A lot has changed in the past 9.5 years including each of those things. I think I just didn’t like how people made such a big deal out of having a significant other on Valentine’s and what all that person did for them and how it was better than what anyone else’s SO did for them. And then of course my friends who were single and felt like Valentine’s was horrible. There was so much drama and so many extremes. All that mess. I just wasn’t interested in being like everyone else, haha!

    We got engaged February 7th so we usually do a big celebration sometime mid-February to celebrate our proposal anniversary and Valentine’s Day together. However, I’ve noticed a huge trend this year of people hating on Valentine’s Day. So much so that the part of my personality that doesn’t want to go with the trend, suddenly is defensive of Valentine’s Day. HA! The irony. Just don’t tell freshman-year-of-college-Rach. She’d never believe you, anyway. This year on Valentine’s Day I really put a lot of effort into letting other people in my life who I care about (besides just Christopher), know how much I love them. Pretty much what you were saying up there. It’s a great day out of the many in the year to tell people you love them. What’s so wrong with that? :)

      • Final comment on this post: I meant to say earlier that I love that you looked up the “bad rap” thing. I definitely have heard it said just like that and wouldn’t have thought to look it up. Interesting to learn where it comes from! Okay, I’m done now. :)

  3. I love Valentine’s Day! Okay I’m not sure I LOVE the day itself but I love the concept… I actually enjoy being forced to show love on a particular day. It’s not like it’s a day encouraging abuse or racism or something… how can people hate on it?!?

    Also, how freakin sweet is it that Kevin cooks for you! gah. good man!

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