Sweekend and other recents in life.

The first week at my new job went really well.  It was a little overwhelming – as first weeks are supposed to be.  The people are terrific and incredibly supportive.  They may speak in a foreign language of acronyms that I’m still learning, but they’re quick to offer explanations if I ask – or if I have a particularly confused look on my face.  All in all, I’m excited for week two! 


Flowers and a welcome lunch on my first day!

In other news, I washed my car last weekend.  So – of course – it snowed this week.  And a bird decided that the hood of my car was the perfect place to have a bowel movement.  Somedays you’re the bird, and somedays you’re the hood, I guess. 

Speaking of birds, I painted some lovebirds when I met up with some lovely ladies one evening this week to have another Design by Wine experience.  {Read about my first painting experience here.}  I am happier with this painting than I was with my first, and I’d go back again.  Before you know it, I’ll have a gallery.  And the reputation of a wino. 


Speaking of paintings, I finally hung a few things on the walls of my office at home.  We’ve only lived in the house six months; really there was no need to rush into anything. 





I went to the circus over the weekend.  My sweet cousin’s sweet baby turns the big 1 soon, so a dozen of us met up to sing him happy birthday, watch him smear some cream cheese frosting and muffin, and then go celebrate in the big top. 


Amy & S.

There were elephants and some ferocious tigers.



What are some recents in your life? 


14 thoughts on “Sweekend and other recents in life.

  1. I LOVE your painting with the birds sitting on the heart! You are really talented! I keep seeing different friends doing these painting-while-drinking-wine get-togethers. I need to get in on that! (By the way…I love the other painting you have, too, with the birds sitting on the branch. I have a lot of birds/woodsy decorative touches in my living room…I love stuff like that.)

  2. I love your sweekend posts! :) First of all, CONGRATS on starting off on your new job! Change can be SO scary, but it also can be incredibly rewarding. ALSO, I am totally in amazement that you painted that beautiful pic! For Christmas, my brother bought me and Nate tickets to go to one of those wine and painting events, and I cannot wait to try it for myself! :)

  3. Um when are you going to start selling your art? That painting is gorgeous! Personally I’m loving all your new decor! I hope you have an amazing weekend! Eat some chocolate on Vday for me!

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