Snow leopard sighting.

Snow leopard sightings are rare in my ‘hood.  Mainly because, well, we don’t get much snow.  And secondly, the snow leopard is only seen on special occasions.

The snow leopard cape, that is.

This morning – we did get some snow, which was a special occasion all in itself.  And wouldn’t you know it – a snow leopard slinked into the back yard.


Do you see it?  Blends right into the massive snow accumulation, right?  Great camouflage, that snow leopard cape.


Every so often, you catch a little glimpse of a bow…must be a girl.


Do you own any special occasion clothes or accessories?  Did you get as much snow as we did in that last storm?  :)


9 thoughts on “Snow leopard sighting.

  1. So I have the news on in the background while I am reading blogs and they were just showing pictures of the new precious white lion cubs that were just born (there are only 90 white lions in the World – I just learned this today, haha). So when I started reading this post I was thinking that you must have gone to the zoo, haha! Your cape sure looks warm and cozy! And that bow is just the perfect little feminine touch. :)

  2. Okay, I was a little disappointed that you didn’t have an actual snow leopard in your backyard. (Is that even a real thing–snow leopards in the desert? I’m looking it up on Wikipedia now and feeling really gullible because it says they are native to Asia.) But your cape is really cute! I have never owned a cape (other than the kind you wear at Halloween), but I love the idea of having one to wear during the winter–especially a sassy one with leopard print!

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