Hello, goodbye.


Happy February! I’m linking up with Allison over at Nestful of Love today for another round of hello…and goodbye.

This edition of hello/goodbye is starring one event only.  Yesterday, I said goodbye to the company I’ve worked with for six years, and on Monday, I say hello to a new company, new industry, new position.  Is it possible to feel excited-nervous-sad-anxious-happy-relieved all at the same time?  Why yes.  Yes it is.

I know there is a lot of hello yet to come – a lot of adventure and challenge and I am excited for it – but today, the goodbye makes my heart a little achy.  I knew that the people I worked with were top 5% – after all, that’s what the company strives to recruit and retain.  They have always taken excellent care of me, and I have learned so much from so many, particularly from two leaders who have proved themselves to be lifetime mentors.  I made a best friend – a bridesmaid – while working there, plus many other friendships that I’ll work to maintain forever.  I worked with a couple of cousins who I have always loved – but whom now I also respect as colleagues.  Over the past few weeks, all of these people have truly gone above and beyond.  Like at our company quarterly meeting last week, when the admin division manager presented me with a bouquet of flowers and commended me for the characteristics and work that I have contributed to the team over the years. 


And all the hugs and the handshakes and the questions and the well wishes and a zipper bag filled with sweet notes. 


And more hugs.  And maybe a few tears blinked back. There was also a two-and-a-half foot cardboard cutout of my boss’s head. 


{He’s reading this and shaking his head…and probably wishing I was in the office next door so he could shake his head at me in person.} 

There was a potluck and two weeks worth of lunch dates.  Did I mention there were hugs?

They struck the perfect balance between supportive and sad, walking that difficult tightrope with grace.  I am humbled and so grateful. 

At around 5:15 on Friday, I walked to my car, started it up, and backed out of my assigned parking spot.  The movement caught my eye near the front entrance – a few ladies who were working late stepped outside and there they were, smiling and waving goodbye as I drove away.  Top 5% to the very end.  Six years of memories is a lot – but that last one will always be one of my favorites.

Oh and it’s not goodbye in the forever sense, obviously.  There will be monthly sushi dates with the sushi crew, happy hours with my Neighbor, and frequent lunches with Jessie and some others.  And as they say – there’s never an end to a trip…just another destination.


What are you saying hello and goodbye to this month?


13 thoughts on “Hello, goodbye.

  1. I’m so happy for you. What a perfect ending to a great run. Onto the next adventure. I know you’ll rock it. Love you so much and congratulations on a new chapter in your book of life.

  2. You have some awesome co-workers, I agree! It’s so fun to work with great people!! Best wishes to you in your new job! It’s so hard to leave some place you love, but it’s also great to move on to new challenges too! Congrats on your new job! What kind of work do you do?

  3. This is so sweet and it seems like the people that you worked with are really amazing, loving, caring, and funny!! I know you will do great on this new journey and will enjoy all of your new hellos!

  4. Congratulations and good luck! How nice to feel loved on your way out the door, and how exciting to be moving on to a new adventure. Yay for you! I am confident that they will love you as much and even more at your new job!!

    This month, I am saying goodbye to my calm-er schedule and saying hello to the start-up of my once a week improv classes! Though I love them and am excited for them, it always makes my schedule so hectic! I’m also saying hello to paper grading, which starts back up this month. Sigh.

  5. Oh wow, what a wonderful work environment you’ve had! It really sounds like you have had the chance to know some of the best people! I am really excited for you, though, as you say hello to so many new opportunities and adventures with this new position! :)

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