Recently on Instagram.

I’ve been Insta’ing up a storm lately.  One of my 30 by 30’s is to follow the #fmsphotoaday prompts for the full year, which means a picture a day for 365 days.  Some of my friends are playing along as well and it has been so much fun to see their posts.  {Keep playing, ladies – you keep me motivated!}

Here are a few of my favs from the past month.


Prompt:  My Town. 

My town averages 310 days of sunshine, which means the sunnies are out even when the leaves on the trees are not.


Prompt: Upside Down.

The world – or a globe – twisted upside down on its axis.


Prompt: Looking Down.

A birthday brunch with friends.


Prompt: Three Things.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.  And three of my favorite girls.


Prompt: Sun.

This is one of my favorites for the memories I have of trying to create it.  I was in my friend and co-worker’s (Desiree is her name) office, and she has a little mirror that is shaped like a sun.  So I asked to take a picture of it and she consented.  But – such is the way of mirrors – I couldn’t get a good photo because regardless of the angle, I was catching her computer or desk phone or printer or file cabinet in the reflection.  Not something you want to see in the center of your sun.  Then Desiree had an excellent idea – what if she held up a Delta Dental calendar that had a lovely sunrise (or sunset – who knows really) photo?  So she held the calendar at a strategic angle, I took the photo from an equally strategic angle, and at the end of the day, there’s nothing a little cropping can’t take care of.  We were laughing so hard and looked really silly trying to get this picture.  And I smile every time I see it now.


Prompt:  Tiny.

The sesame seeds, that is.  Itty-bitty in a big bun world.


Prompt: Breakfast.

The core Sunday breakfast crew – my cousin, my great-aunt, and two of my great-uncles.


Prompt: Happy Place.

Flo’s happy place is a) anywhere with Kevin and me; b) a good nook; c) a place that really lets her mildly mischievous side come out to play; d) all of the above.  This was one of those places – we were putting away Christmas decorations and she managed to maneuver her way into a closed box.


No prompt –

just a random photo to show off my stellar hair braiding and ribbon threading skills.


Prompt: A Taste of Summer/Winter.

Summer nail polish meets winter wool sweater.  And it’s love.


Prompt: Window.

The eyes are the window to the {cat} soul.  Sweet Kiki.

 For more photo-a-day fun find me on Instagram at amy_adesertgirl.  And if you want to play along, check out the prompts on Fat Mum Slim’s blog.

What are some things that you’ve photographed recently?  Do you like daily challenges? 


7 thoughts on “Recently on Instagram.

  1. So much goodness in this post. I love that summer/winter shot! That sweater looks so cozy and all I can see is the sleeve, haha! I love Flo’s mischievous side! And your sun shot looks SO cool!

  2. I wish I could get on Instagram, but you can only use it on a phone (and my phone is a lame Walmart “smart” phone that isn’t compatible or doesn’t have enough memory or something). I actually tried to download Instagram onto my laptop, but it doesn’t work!

    I love your photos! Especially the one with the sun inside the sun. And the one with Kiki and her dreamy eyes…I love all of the pictures of her. :-)

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