Love languages.

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A couple weeks ago, Kevin and I took the 5 Love Languages test online.  It was spur-of-the-moment and casual, the asking and answering of questions during muted commercial breaks while watching The Big Bang Theory reruns.  We’d taken the test once before, but it had been a few years, and our relationship has evolved since then.  Still, I think our preferred love languages had remained the same.

Kevin needs Quality Time to feel loved, and I’m needy – Words of Affirmation and Quality Time tying at the top of the list with 9 points apiece.

Taking the quiz was a good reminder for me.  In the evening, when I ask about Kevin’s day, I need to be present and listen while he answers.  I don’t need to check my phone or flip through the mail or start dinner – listening perhaps, but not focused.  Instead I need to make eye contact, ask questions, and show him that my complete and undivided attention is on him.  I need to focus on treating everyday moments like Quality Time.  Because they are.  And that communicates love to Kevin in a way that is significant and meaningful to him.

Coffee and mint M&M’s speak right to his heart too.

Have you taken the love languages quiz?  What is your preferred love language?


10 thoughts on “Love languages.

  1. I think that the Love Languages test is really helpful in helping to determine what your loved one needs from you. Often, we think that our spouse will need the thing that we need, but oftentimes it’s something different… so what we think will work doesn’t always say ‘I love you’ the way we think it will. My hubby’s language is quality time, and I am words of affirmation (with high scores for quality time as well). :)

  2. You two are absolutely precious! I love that shot of you guys! Also, are those the fleece lined leggings?! Because they look like them! I don’t know if I’ve told you, but I LOVE them! I wear them A-L-L the time, haha! I talk about them so much that my little sister is getting a pair too! :)

    Also, we love Big Bang Theory! That show cracks us up!

    Aaanyway, on to the point of this post, haha! The Love Languages is great! Like you guys, we did it early on in our relationship and it helped us a lot. It was so good for us to understand how we each felt loved. :)

  3. That is crazy. I just redid mine last night! It was an assignment from our marriage class at church. We did it a couple of years back too. I scored equally on quality time and physical touch. I think Miguel did too last time we took it. I guess that’s why we are homebodies and cuddly!

  4. This is such a great idea, and totally key to having a great relationship! I will have to remember this when I find my special someone. Which won’t be for a while because I AM NOT LOOKING! Just to be clear hahha

  5. I’ve heard a LOT about the Five Love Languages (I used to have a pastor who really harped on it, haha), but I’ve never read the book or taken the online quiz! I just took it to see what I am, and my number one was quality time (10 points!), but physical touch was right behind it (9 points) <– I feel kind of shady about admitting that one, but what can I say? They kept asking questions about whether or not I like hugs, and hugging is my favorite (just like Buddy the Elf)! :-) My husband said those two seemed pretty much right on. I want him to take the quiz, now!

  6. We’ve talked this just about to death, but I agree with you that it’s really important to understand the other person’s love language. I think once you do, you understand that they are likely showing you love in ways/times that you never realized.

  7. What an adorable picture of you two!!! We refer to our love languages ALL THE TIME!! I love that book! I’m definitely a words of affirmation gal and my husband is quality time!

  8. First of all, that pic of you guys is cute. Second of all, I am SUCH a fan of the love languages. Mine is gifts. I love getting and giving them. Jordan’s is words of affirmation, which admittedly I am not very good about. Need to do better with that!

  9. Ahh, gotta love the 5 Love Languages!! I read the book and really, really enjoyed it. My love language is quality time and Jimmy’s is physical touch. It’s definitely awesome to know his love language and work on speaking it :)

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