Keepin’ it casual.

Meet my new favorite shirt.

Misc Pictures 004

I ordered this little gem from PebbyForevee’s Etsy shop.  It perfectly suits my favorite jeans, scuffed Sperry’s, and argyle socks.

Misc Pictures 003

All that’s missing is Michael Scott and a crude joke.

Flo tried to fill in, but she’s too sweet to be inappropriate.

Misc Pictures 001

What’s your favorite way to keep it casual?


10 thoughts on “Keepin’ it casual.

  1. Good gracious, you are adorable. Seriously, when I’m casual, it’s like a shirt with holes, dirty hair, and sweat pants that are either (a) stained or (b) frayed at the bottom. You, however, look like a super model. Nice work!

  2. Great shirt! My husband and I are forever nudging each other and saying “That’s what she said,” now just because of Michael Scott. :-D Quirky t-shirts and jeans are my favorite for staying casual! I was recently eyeing one at Hot Topic featuring an enormously large cat eating an enormously large hamburger (which I would wear on my enormously large pregnant belly). ;-)

  3. Love it!! :) I was a huge Office fan, and my hubby and I are definitely known to throw in “that’s what she said” into random conversations. ;) I like how the shirt is cute casual with just a hint of edgy!

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