A doodle’s day.

Top of the morning to you.  My name is Bailey and I’m Kevin’s brother.

We don’t look much alike, Kevin and I.  My hair is much lighter in color, and is naturally curly, and my eyes are brown rather than green.  Oh, and my body build is more canine than human.  Amy begged and pleaded (really the way these humans go on – it’s quite embarrassing) me to dictate a dog blog post for all of my adoring fans.  I ultimately agreed because rule number one in the Canine’s Guide to Being Adored (copyright pending) is and will forever be ‘give the people what they want.’  I decided I would describe to you my normal day.  The day of a Goldendoodle.


I wake up early – around 5:00 AM each morning – because that’s when my dad starts his day.  The first task of my day is to stumble, bleary-eyed, into my dad’s study with him, where he will give me a couple of treats.  And sometimes a paw massage.  Because, you know, the paws put in long hours – they deserve to be pampered.  The next order of business is go to back to bed for awhile and rest until my mom gets up to start her day.  Naturally, she gives me a few treats, because that’s normal protocol – wake up and receive treats from humans.


I eat a little breakfast and drink some water.  Then my dad lets me out into my yard so I can take care of business.  And eat a few pecans that have fallen to the ground. I shell them myself using only my teeth. Look, Ma, no paws!

Usually, on any given morning, I’m required to pay my utmost respect and honor to my adopted sister, Molly – a feline.  She’s so much smaller than me, but she carries sharp weapons in her paws at all times so I must be on guard.  If I have learned one thing in my lifetime it is this – Molly always has the right of way.


Then it’s time to go to work.  I’m a therapist and a business owner, so I spend my day tracking conversations, reassuring clients and co-workers, brainstorming, and troubleshooting.  It’s hard work, but so rewarding.


I like to go to bed early, and sometimes I’ll go to bed before my mom and dad.  It’s understandable, really.  After all, I’ve put in a much harder day than they have.


There are some days when I have to stay in my crate for hours.  Booooooring.  A little reflection time can be valuable, but I’m happiest when my pack is with me.  Naturally I get treats before and after the crate time, so there is that.

In terms of other pastimes, I like to play wubba in my yard.  And I like to recline on the couch with my mom and dad.  I’m okay with short walks but if they stretch too long, I use a technique of tugging on my leash in the direction of home to let the humans know that I’m done walking. I do try to stop and smell the roses – work hard, play hard.  That’s my motto.


When Kevin and Amy (or anyone really) come over to my house, I greet them very exuberantly.  I love Kevin – even when he is quite strict with me.  When he gets the serious look on his face, it sometimes is hard to hold my bladder in check.  Don’t judge – who’s to say you wouldn’t piddle if someone looked at you strictly and told you to be a gentleman.

It’s clear that they all adore me though – even when I’m caught red-pawed stealing chocolate chip cookies and pork chops and zucchini (blegh – that one was a mistake) from the counter.  And it’s nice to be adored by humans I adore.

Now I must go – that’s the sound of the treat jar being opened if I’m not mistaken….


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