Just follow the script.

Have you seen this?

Damn Funny Texts


Funny right?

I decided to see if I could make that conversation play out via text with Kevin.  Here’s how that went… (The blue is me, the grey is Kevin.)

(Part 1)


(Part 2)


Obviously I ruined it when I didn’t say, “What are you asking me?” after he quoted back my text.  #punchlinefail  If you attempt this, learn from my mistake – follow the script that Michael and his friend so generously provided above.

This one was more successful:


Do you occasionally mess up punch lines?  And I insist that you share your favorite pizza – er, I mean, cheesy – joke in the comments. 


10 thoughts on “Just follow the script.

  1. I tried your script on a few people and nobody fell for it either. Darn the luck! Very clever though!

    Have a good weekend!

    Please excuse typing errors as this message was sent from my iPhone.


  2. I LOVE this. And it’s way better than the lame original “updog” version. (If you ever watch any old Office episodes, Jim does the “updog” joke and then Michael Scott tries it on pretty much every person in the office and FAILS miserably…it’s cute.)

  3. Too awesome. Now I want to try it on my husband…. And I love the cheesy joke as well! I’m trying to think of another joke, but my mind is blank this morning. :/

  4. BHAHAHA! I love the cheesy one! I am going to use that on Christopher right now! It’s pizza night so he’s going to love it! …. Okay, just did it and he did love it! Teehee, makes me laugh! Christopher loves these. He does them to me all the time and they crack me up every time! Most recently he texted me:

    “Did you know there are 21 letters in the alphabet?”
    Knowing something was up, I said, “Oh really? Tell me more.”
    To which he responded “Oh sorry, I forgot U R A Q T.”

    The one that made me laugh the most was the time that he got me totally out of the blue:
    “I need to get a library card.”
    “You do?” (I’m obviously surprised because he isn’t a reader)
    “Yeah, ’cause I’m checkin’ you out!”
    I was at the gym working out when he sent me these texts and I totally lost it when I got his response! Ah, good times. :)

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