Snail mail.

I love getting cards via snail mail.  It’s exciting to open the mailbox and pull out something besides bills and advertisements, amiright?

I know someone who loves cards and snail mail as much or more than I do.  And her name is Tiffany.  She’s also one of the best at sending cards.  Birthdays, anniversaries…she’s got ’em covered.


So when Cardstore contacted me about putting together a little card love, I jumped at the chance and I knew immediately who the recipient would be.

The Cardstore website has amazing options for custom cards of all occasions.  I went wild with my card – changed up the format, uploaded multiple pictures, customized it in any way I possibly could.  And there were a lot of ways because they really seems to cater to customization – which is awesome.  Everyone wants to design a one-of-the-kind-card – and not have to pursue a degree in graphic design in order to do so.

With all those options and the customization potential galore, you’d think the website would be overwhelming and intimidating…but it is not in the least.  The steps are clear from selection to payment on a site that is easy to navigate.  There is a ‘Mail For Me’ option, which is awesome and something I’d definitely use in the future.  But not this time…I wanted to SEE the card in all its glory.


I’m glad I did because now I can say to you without hesitation that the quality is terrific!  Thick and durable, good quality picture printing – I’m delighted with the finished product.  And they send several extra envelopes, which is handy for someone such as myself who is constantly making mistakes when writing. {Are they called write-o’s rather than typos?}

The prices are great too!  My card was free to me – sponsored by Cardstore – but the price would have been less than five dollars, including the mailing part.

As I poked around the website, I stumbled across a Future Send option as well.  You can schedule cards to be mailed out at a future date – up to a year out – and you’re not charged until your card ships.  I know some type A’s *ahem-myself* who would jump on board that train!

In a nutshell – tons of options, easy to navigate, and so convenient.  I will definitely be using Cardstore again.  And I recommend that you click right over to check out the options too!

The card, as I said, was free to me.  Opinions are my own and completely genuine. 

Do you like receiving snail mail?  Where do you typically find your cards and stationary? 


5 thoughts on “Snail mail.

  1. Well I am quite happy that your blog got so famous that you are now getting free merchandise….um….awesome. I am even more happy that I am the beneficiary of said awesome free merchandise. Your card made my day!

  2. I love receiving snail mail! When my brother and I were young, we fought so much over getting the mail out of the mailbox that my mom assigned us specific days of the week! What NERDS!

  3. That sounds like a fantastic website! I especially love the future send option, that sounds great for Type A’s and even the opposite of Type A’s (which I assume would be Type Z’s), like me, who have trouble remembering all of those dates. Thanks for sharing your review!

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