I confess that more often than not, I wait to fuel up until the low fuel light comes on and I’m running on fumes. I know it’s bad for the car, and I know that I shouldn’t rely on a little illuminated fuel pump light in the dashboard. What can I say? I live life on the edge.

I confess that our Christmas decorations are still up. The stockings are hung, the cards are hanging limply from a ribbon on the staircase, and the tree – complete with naked tree skirt – still sits in the corner. And we still plug the lights in most nights.


I confess that I put far too much sugar in my tea. Only black tea though. The mint, chamomile, etc. varieties remain sugarless. But black tea turned syrupy by white poison – that’s my weakness.

I confess that I hardly even scold Flo when she scratches the chair that she loves to scratch. And often my scolds – when they happen – are bookended by laughs.

I confess that I am currently reading the Harry Potter series.  For the first time.  I’m not quite sure how I managed to wait so long.

I confess that I have a terrible memory for details.  I can’t even remember what I have forgotten clearly enough to offer an example here.

I confess that I don’t really like fruit.  Unless we’re talking the apples in apple pie, the blueberries in blueberry muffins, or the pineapple on top of Hawaiian pizza.


I confess that I like fries a lot.  In fact, fries are one of my favorite foods.  Also, I like soft, borderline soggy fries.

After all this, can we still be friends?

What are your confessions today?


17 thoughts on “Confessions.

  1. 1. Now I want a Hawaiian pizza. Crap.

    2. Yay for the Christmas tree still up. When I was at Ty’s after Christmas, we plugged it in every night too and sat looking at it. Well, he was watching John Wayne, I was looking more at the tree.

  2. We can definitely still be friends! :D Our Christmas decor is still up too! It makes me so sad to see it all boxed up right as Christmas ends so we usually leave it up for a good bit of January. :D Side note: I spy my Christmas card hanging there! :D

    You scolding Flo sounds a lot like me trying to get onto Oreo. He just looks at me with those sweet little eyes and I pretty much cave to everything he wants, haha! I figure I get to spoil him now so I can get all of that out of my system and be a good parent with actual children. ;)

    Also, I too have a terrible memory for details. This is why I live out of my daily planner. ;)

  3. Considering that I could almost write verbatim your numbers one, two, three and that one about fries, I’d say YES we can be friends!

    I would also like to confess that I still nap when Jude does, and I am scared of the day he gives them up. If I could, I would stay up until 1a every night and sleep until 10a every day. I would also like to confess that I would rather eat out than make dinner any day, and if I had the luxury, I would hire someone to clean my house every single day.

    Can WE still be friends??

  4. I hope you enjoy the Harry Potter series! Have you seen any of the movies? The first movie is my favorite… it’s such a classic and so magical (ha-ha).

    We can definitely still be friends because I am so down with semi soggy fries :)

  5. Ah I hope you enjoy Harry Potter!! I’d like to go back and re-read the series. I have a lot of fond memories of reading it as a little kid!

    I love hawaiian and now I really want fries!! Definitely can still be friends :)

  6. I think I like you MORE now! It is still Christmas at my house as well, solely because of the lights – the glow is so much more pleasant than regular lighting :)

  7. We most definitely still be friends! Ha, ha. I LOVED this post so much!! I have to say that I’m very similar in many of my confessions, from the sweet tea to the pineapple on pizza!

  8. Haha. We are definitely still friends. Why is it so hard to scold our cats? Oh I know, because they wouldn’t listen even if we tried. :) And french fries are my weakness.

  9. Scolding cats is basically worthless. My cat never understands what he’s done wrong (or he’s really good at pretending to be clueless). It’s not like a dog, who will hang his head or cover his eyes in shame when you fuss at him. And I think most public places (and houses) I’ve been to still have their Christmas decor up! I miss my Christmas tree! I just took mine down last weekend because the university semester was starting and I knew I might get busy…leaving up Christmas decor until April is not an option. :-)

  10. I wait to fill up until my gas light comes on too..haha.. AND my decorations are still up too, but that’s not actually my doing. The joys of living with my mama!

  11. I say enjoy the decorations as long as possible! They make January more bearable! We only took ours down a few days ago, and I’m sure it was a lot less work for us than it will be for you. :) I’ve been thinking about reading the Harry Potter books myself. I started the series when they first came out, but only read the first two or three.

  12. My wreath still hangs upon my door.
    Today is January 24.
    Putting it away isn’t even a chore!
    Through the air it will soar
    Until it lands on the garage floor.
    But…. It will probably hang a few days more…

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